Final Fantasy XIII-2 Famitsu Details: There Are Variety Of Towns

There is an interview with Isamu Kamikokuryo Art director of FF13 on the latest issue Famitsu.

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rabidpancakeburglar2531d ago

And yet, I will still get disagrees for saying that I want this game because there are some serious ragers out there who ignore the fact that the stuff they wanted fixed is getting fixed.

iamtehpwn2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

They added Towns, exploration, Moogles, Got more mature, MiniGames, REAL final fantasy characters like Noel and New Serah and a dark storyline.

It's not Final Fantasy XV, but when you consider we're getting only a little more than 14 months (FFXV would take about 3 years) after the first one, you gotta admit, it's not looking half bad.

Peaceful_Jelly2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Stuff is getting fix but still, I feel like like this game is gonna be just another FFX-2. By looking at this pic of Serah in a Power Ranger pose: something tells me that the game's gonna have good gameplay but everything else is going to be garbage.

The new character looks really "meh". Serah is in an adventure looking for her missing sister wearing a really tight one piece dress. For 80% of the game the only playable characters are Serah, the new guy and a Random Monster... And let's not even talk about Lighting's armor or the unimaginative premise of the story please. This game has written "FAIL" all over it, specially when you consider that Toriyama is the one directing.

Toriyama is like the Uwe Boll of the game industry. With that man as the director of the game I can already say that the story is gonna be soooo cringe-worthy it hurts. @[email protected]

iamtehpwn2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

^ Apparently, this guy has played the game already.

You can be skeptical all you want, but at least wait until it's release to demonize it for half the things you simply assumed. Toriyama, was also part of the development of FF7 and 10, just so you know.

Simon_Brezhnev2531d ago

"Toriyama is like the Uwe Boll of the game industry."
So true lol

I hate the design of the new character i dont give a shit about Serah. I rather play as Lightening i hate how the showed that teaser earlier in the year having you think you play as lighting and that other dude.

Eamon2530d ago

While I don't think FF13-2 will be the defining FF game of this generation, I will be willing to give some hope for it.

If it does improve itself significantly on a similar scale Assassin's Creed II improved from the first, then it might be enough to warrant a purchase.

My main worry however is gameplay and story. The story in FF13 was defo cringeworthy with probably the lamest cast of characters ever in a FF game. Noah doesn't seem to appeal much to be honest. But the game isn't out yet and I can't judge the story in FF13-2.

But the gameplay seems to be the same. And I hated the autobattle + paradigm shift system. If they can somehow fix that then maybe...

Mystickay862531d ago

Well, yup, got disagrees for saying that I liked FF XIII. "Screw opinions!" is the vibe i'm getting here.

Godmars2902531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Why have you failed me to such degree Square?

Not only can I not forgive you for XIII, I can n longer get excited for Type Zero or Versus. Nevermind XIII-2.

But it really shouldn't have happened in the first place. Certainly shouldn't have been made up in a full game you have to buy which fixes things which Square never really admitted was broken in the first place.

I honestly felt that there were things in FFX which needed to be explored, its just that in the end Square didn't do a good job of it with X-2. And that took them two years to make whereas XIII-2 is less than a year and few fans publicly cared about the characters during their adventure. Nevermind after.

Mystickay862531d ago

I'm stoked for FFXIII-2. Sure XIII had flaws, but I thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Just bought it two weeks ago for $20 and overall I personally having fun with it, liked the battle system.

gameguidedog2531d ago

Square Enix does not disappoint for anything, and this issue of FF does not leave anything on the sidelines. A worthy entry to say the least.

colonel1792531d ago

I am currently playing Final Fantasy XIII on PS3, because I never got the chance to play it even though I bought it last year, and i can notice that FFXIII-2 looks much worse graphically. I even downloaded the trailer from the PS Store and it does look worse.

This makes me assume that this is content that was removed from FFXIII for whatever reason, and it is being rushed. Which is logical, since they preferred to release a second game instead of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which I am starting to suspect it will either be released on next gen consoles and/or be rebranded final fantasy XV.

Simon_Brezhnev2531d ago

well they did say a while back they cut so much content out they could make another game.

Apocalypse Shadow2531d ago

yup.things that would have fit on a bluray but cut to please some other console maker...

got to love square this gen.and where is versus?nowhere to be found....

Troll-without-Bridge2530d ago

Actually FFXIII-2 looks better. Just compare the weather effects of the rain for both games. Day and night.

Just compare that shot of new bodhum, with nearly realistic graphics and much better water effects.

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