OMGN: Forza Motorsport 4 Preview & Impressions

OMGN writes: The realistic racing genre can be summed up in two game series: Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. Microsoft's latest entry in the battle, Forza Motorsport 4, had three drivers seats available (one of which was a massive contraption that felt like an air fighter simulator) as well as a few consoles with controllers available to play. After standing in three separate lines for quite some time, I got my hands on one of the two "lesser" driver seats.

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pixelsword2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

"The visuals in Forza 4 are outstanding. I absolutely cannot stress this enough. There are times I thought I was watching a pre-rendered scene instead of real-time graphic output from the 360. There are some that say the 360 cannot match Playstation 3's graphic capabilities, but this game proved to me that creative and intelligent developers can pull all sorts of horsepower from the system."

That's great to hear because they must be using the cores, which means it's going to be a great game visually (I said that if the devs start to use the cores 360 games will improve and I also suspect that Rage is doing the same thing). It will also use kinect, so I am curious on how this will work. (my older brother got the Wii for his son so now I'm even more curious about motion control like Kinect, Wii, and Move... well, maybe not so much move as of yet, because I still like the sixaxis). I also agree with the article that creative and intelligent programmers can pull power from the system. This is where some PC developers need to slow their roll when they talk about consoles hindering them when they don't even have the requisite skill to get their ports to work in 720p when there are already games of similar size that are at least 720p.

That's also a curious thing because everyone's always ready to tear-down GT5, but like I said before, if it's so horrible looking (when people want to talk about GT5) then why is everyone always comparing other racing sims to it?

Not hating on GT5 or Forza 4, but I'm just saying...

kingdoms2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Developers dont use multi core/thread development that often and when they do It's on a very limited level(Geometry Wars uses multi thread development) Some of these later games are using more of each thread in each core now.

These games

Forza 4
Crysis 2
Witcher 2
Battlefield 3

Proves this generation is no different than any other when it come to the best looking games come very late into any given generation

New Cell phones with dual cores will perform better than single core phones but developers don't really have games and apps that completely take advantage of the hardware releasing the full potential.

FlintGREY2466d ago

"The realistic racing genre can be summed up in two game series: Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo."

Forza is more Arcade style than it is simulator.

benighted death2466d ago

Thanks for the good laugh!
As usual,fanboys have no credibitity...wich you are

FlintGREY2466d ago

I'm far from a fanboy, sorry...and my credibility is in Forza's gameplay...

It's not a bad game by any means...just not a realistic simulator

CommonCent2466d ago

I like taking a turn at 40mph and seeing the tires grabbing the road to prevent the car from drifting. In Gran Turismo the car grabs but slows down entirely tooo much, it seems there is more emphasis on horsepower to regain speed coming out a turn. Forza proves that racing is about simulating everything not just realistic launch times. Forza is in fact more realistic.
If your idea of realistic is just in the graphics then you need to grow up a little more kid.

BubbleSniper2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

calling people fanboy for having an opinion that doesn't go with your own opinion is getting old.
people will scrutinize Forza 4, as they did with GT5. THE REAL fanboys were trying to tear down GT5 with all their might.

Nitpicking things they either have no interest in or just for the hell of it.

I'll pretty much avoid Forza 4 articles, but if the gameplay on the retail disc is as grand as this article is painting such a picture then you can bet I will praise it.

the last 3 Forza didn't impress me, graphically, but gameplay wise are pretty enjoyable. Customization is one of Forza strengths as people enjoy making things their own, and Forza gives that to people at certain levels.

P.S I am guilty of tearing down FMIII in
various ways, but I won't do that with this game.

MOTY2466d ago

You mean like ramming into other cars with ZERO consequences such as taking damage? You mean like that "arcade" style of simulator where it's bumper car action around every turn?

How about the lack of total customization mechanical and physical?

How about like having 800+ cars that DON'T have an interior view.

If you are going to categorize Forza as an "arcade" sim, then GT5 is in the same category.

Kon2466d ago

GT5 is more arcade than Forza because it has 800 pixelated cars with no interior view.

greatjimbo782465d ago

FlintGREY, please elaborate on how it's not a racing simulator.

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Pyscho_Mantis2466d ago

LMAO the 360 fanboys here think Forza is more realistic than Gran Turismo....hahahaha GT has always been the most realistic sim on consoles your just in denial.

Forza 4 is not an arcade though....and the graphics only the pre-rendered cars look good (kinda like GT's photomode) but the actual in game graphics are meh.

IRetrouk2465d ago

the game will be good, no dout, but lets not pretend that this looks as good as those screenshots, we went through this with forza 3 remember, when they released screens and vids of enhanced photos then the game came out and it looked nothing like the screens in game, same thing is hapining here, if you watch actually gameplay you will see that it dont look much of an improvment, dont forget that the level of detail was droped ingame in forza 3 as soon as the race started and thats been proven, i have high hopes for this game but wont be sucked into the hype this time.