The CFD! Airship Compendium

CFD!'s Nate Andrews assembles a comprehensive list of video game airships and rates them:

"Of all vehicles (fictional or otherwise) portrayed in video games, certainly there is none as proper or as majestic as the airship. Whether serving as a means of transportation, an effective tool of war, or a grandiose flying-fortress, the airship has maintained its significance and effectiveness through the years. Though modern society seems to have all but abandoned this timeless, romantic bastion of freedom and grandeur, the airship shall live on, enshrined in many a game.

"But which games have the best airship(s)? After extensive research and deliberation, we finally have the answer. Strap on your flying goggles and read on to find out!"

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RobsteinOne2499d ago

This was a great idea and a great read. Good job, Nate.

ShadowPraxis2499d ago

He put a ton of work into this one. Seriously.

Godmars2902499d ago

There really, really needs to be a game with airships.

Yet another way FFXIII totally failed me. FFXII for that matter.

How the frack do you have a that features air pirates who fracking *WALK* every frackin where!