inFamous 2 Review (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Sage Knox reviews the latest adventures of Cole McGrath:

"Cole McGrath served up some punishment while getting the hang of his reluctantly procured electric powers during Sucker Punch’s inFamous. Usurping the gangs of Empire City, the apparently evil Kessler, and even the US Government, Cole allowed players to choose his destiny over the course of the game.

"The original inFamous, for all its peaks and valleys, was a delicate house of cards. It never instilled confidence that its physics engine wouldn’t glitch or that Cole wouldn’t get stuck within geometry, so a careful, methodical approach was required to ensure progress with minimal incident.

"The sequel retains that house of cards feel, but Sucker Punch increased the top weight with an extra deck–without reinforcing the support beams."

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RobsteinOne2559d ago

Yeah, my thoughts on the melee combat are pretty much the exact opposite.

karl2558d ago

it wasnt a bad review ... but i keep feeling gaming reviewers just dont get the game...

i really enjoy the game and the final rooftop scene was one of my favorites...

now i did felt kessler was a far better boss than any of infamous 2.. it just like a more one on one epic fight that infamous 2 didnt give me..

but that is my only complaint ... i will wait for infamous 3 =)

fooltheman2558d ago

...I like the challenge that infamous is giving..sometimes you just need to pick out the right powers for easy defeating mini bosses and such