League of Legends Patch v1.0.0.120 Goes Live Wednesday Morning

CFD!'s Rob Thomas writes:

"So Dreamhack is in the books, with European team FnaticMSI taking home the League of Legends Season One Championship in the finals against French team aAa. So while congratulations are due to all of the competitors who played hard, something more pressing is on the minds of those of us here at home: the incoming new patch.

"The League of Legends servers will be down Tuesday morning from 1:30AM until 8AM Pacific time. When things are back up and running, a few noteworthy changes will be in place. For one, Yorick the Gravedigger will finally be added to the roster of champions–something I’m personally excited about–but the aspect more players are probably dreading than facing Yorick’s ghouls are the balance changes.

"Who got nerfed and who’s getting buffed? Check out the full patch notes below"

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RobsteinOne2585d ago

Stop rubbing this game in my face! :(

ShadowPraxis2585d ago

I'm FAIRLY sure the client runs on Mac. I could be wrong though. Don't quote me on it.