What's with giant butts, Capcom?

Destructoid - This tip was sent in with the warning "The Capcom Girls calendar gets a little risqué with a picture of GIANT BUTTS..." They weren't kidding. For whatever reason, the artist behind the above picture of Morrigan and her evil Lolita soul-sister Lilith decided to go all out on the tuckus on this one. From the looks of it, I'm not entirely certain that those two ladies would be able to walk. The weight from their butts alone would probably cause them to fall backwards with every step.

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zeal0us2527d ago

Booty Butt Cheeks!

The drawing isn't really all that, I seen better non-nude pics drawn.

dc12527d ago

That might even be a little much for Sir Mix-A-lot..

Tuxmask552526d ago

Really? You're complaining about that?