What If The PlayStation Vita is Just Another PSP?

Kotaku - I worry about Sony's new PSP. After the shock of the impressive visuals of Sony's next-generation portable, the PlayStation Vita, had become familiar, after the pleasant surprise of the new handheld's price settled in ($249 USD, the launch price of a PSPgo), I started thinking about the harsher realities of the Vita. Is it just another PSP?

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zeal0us2580d ago

some ppl would still buy it

pangitkqb2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

About 70 Million would buy it based on PSP units sold. I would be one of them. Everything I have seen of the Vita looks awesome.

fatstarr2580d ago

you mean 70 million shipped*

you know sony and their number counting system.

on topic.
the psv is just another psp
imo its the same exact thing

back then it was the DS, GBA, Nguage and psp

now its the 3DS, DS, Iphone/android and psv

similar situations
sony releases a do everything machine
nintendo releases a gaming machine

so just cause sony copies nintendo and follows a similar strategy trying to out play nintendo at their own market everyone thinks sony will win... well im afraid that wont happen.

ocarina of time 3D got eaten up

and games like kid icarus which i cant wait to play will see some good sales this year.

psv on the other hand, has 1-2 killer ips which happen to be console spin offs. if you want nothing but ps3 rehashes on psv enjoy buying the same game twice. Nintendo will see success once again. Sony will have a success in their words.

imo 3DS i think will sell 40-60million over all
and psv 15-25 million. we got a few years to go b4 we see that though.

SilentNegotiator2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Okay, so like, 69.5 million sold? That make you feel better?

"ocarina of time 3D got eaten up
and games like kid icarus which i cant wait to play will see some good sales this year.
psv on the other hand, has 1-2 killer ips which happen to be console spin offs"
I'll take a "spin off" (new installments into a series is equivalent to "spin offs" now?) over a remaster like OoT3D that I played over a decade ago. What's the counter to THAT anyway? Killzone 1 is coming to Vita, like OoT, and Mario Kart is coming to 3DS, like Uncharted/LBP. And then you name ONE new game? Like the Vita doesn't have any new IPs?

Oh, and Kotaku? You wish. With equivalent prices, this is a whole new ball-game, and you know it. And no "but mario and zelda!" nonsense; Mario, link, metroid, etc didn't save the N64 or Gamecube from competitors outselling it.

oli2580d ago

i really dont care about IP's when it comes to a handheld, all i want is GOOD games. i missed out on a lot of good handheld games when my PSP broke :/

Kewl_Kat2580d ago


"you know sony and their number counting system"
Sony's shipped that much games 'cause retailers need to re-stock their shelves. It makes total sense to assume that they're ordering more from Sony 'cause a lot of PSPs are getting sold.

"back then it was the DS, GBA, Nguage and psp
now its the 3DS, DS, Iphone/android and psv"
You're really trying too hard to make a past-present comparison by bringing up the N-Gage.

"sony releases a do everything machine"
Exactly. PSP Vita can do games and more =]

"sony copies nintendo"
You mean like how Nintendo is going along with the 3D craze? And if Sony copies Nintendo, then why just settle for touch screen when it could have also done 3D? Why? 'cause they're not copying Nintendo. If anything, the 3DS is behind the times. It's still stuck using a stylus pen, and it only has one analog nub.

"ocarina of time 3D got eaten up "
Makes lots of sense seeing how there's barely any worthwhile games on the 3DS library.

"psv on the other hand, has 1-2 killer ips which happen to be console spin offs"
3DS has Ridge Racer 3D, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, The Sims 3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, Madden NFL Football, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, and Ocarina of Time 3D. Those aren't console spin-offs to you?

Don't get me wrong. I also think 3DS will sell more than the Vita. But 40-60 million to 15-25 million? Not this time. The Vita is priced exactly the same as the 3DS, and has a much better list launch titles compared to the PSP. The gap between the two handhelds would be significantly smaller this time.

dragon_rocks2580d ago


So you have a do everything (including gaming) device, the PSV and then you have a gaming only device, the 3DS and both are being sold for the same price and you think that the gaming only device is going to succeed? Feature wise you do know that PSV only lacks the glassless 3D that 3DS has whereas 3DS lacks dual analog sticks, capacitive multi touch screen, dual rear touch pads, more powerful CPU/GPU which PSV has right? For the same price.

This is not the same situation that DS and PSP had. PSP lacked touch screen which led to a lot of games & gameplay elements being possible on DS but not on PSP. PSP also was more expensive than DS. In current case its almost the opposite. Due to the extra features that PSV provides to the developers, they can play around with and implement more gameplay elements to the experience. Developers can decide to go with a console quality game experience, a handheld game experience and even the super casual games that are made for iPhones and Androids can be easily ported on it. Also third party is providing a strong support to PSV and Sony sure as hell will go all out for it with its first parties.

With all these facts if anyone still blindly believes that 3DS will be the only successful handheld device and PSV will simply fail then they are just plain stupid.

Lifendz2580d ago

Just started using my PSP fat again and man did I forget how awesome it is. I'm def considering a Vita but it depends on whether it supports UMDs (not sure if that's been confirmed either way yet). Not because I have such a big library of UMDs but because those things are dirt cheap on Amazon and Ebay and I have like 3 years of games to take advantage of. If no UMD support then I'll stick with my PSP and wait on the Vita to drop in price.

Narutone662580d ago

3DS was released earlier this year, PSV will be released later this year.I expect PSV to outsell the 3DS in a few months time. So fatstarr's prediction of 40-60 million is the best scenario for Nintendo IMO.

GodHandDee2580d ago

somebody please tell fastarr that a brand new IP from LEVEL 5 on the psp outsold OOT 3ds in Japan! he seems to be in a very deluded place of everything nintendo is perfecto

oh and copy? the 3ds nub called and said shut up

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NukaCola2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Another it'll sell another 65 million I assume then.

But at the same price as a 3DS with the power it holds, I really do not see this system fail at all. It's capabilities are un-frickin-believable, and with titles like COD and Bioshock coming to Vita, it's going to really sit well with all the gamers of the world. 3DS is a big upgrade to the DS, but the Vita is in a league of it's own. And as I said before, the price is phenomenal.

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2fk2580d ago

i never had a psp...but from the looks of the vita it seems to be a lot better and worth getting

f7897902580d ago

Especially when you'll have a large portion of psp games from psn to play.

InLaLaLand2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Sony need to market the Vita. Compared to the 3DS and DS ads you see on TV, you NEVER see any PSP ads.

The dual analogs was needed for most third person action/adventure games. Hopefully we can have different accounts like the PS3 and options for different connections (internet and PS3) like the PSP on the Vita.

I can't wait for a Yakuza game on the Vita (unless it's Of The End).

NukaCola2580d ago

I honestly have never seen an add for any 3DS game or a commercial for the system itself. But yeah I agree, Sony needs to sell the Vita and sell it hard. That Marcus kid was doing the campaign for PSP, but I think they need to come stronger than Kevin Butler with the ads.

InLaLaLand2580d ago

I saw the Marcus ads from E3 2010 (I think) and I thought people hated it so you don't see much ads for the PSP. In the UK, 3DS adverts occur most of the time now like the Wii adverts. I have seen ads for Pilotwings Resort and Pro Evo. There is some PS3 adverts like for Mortal Kombat.

NukaCola2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

You know dude...what ever happened to the Coca Cola advertising talked about a year ago? Hmmm...


That was awesome dude. Strange as hell.

f7897902580d ago

As long as they don't do ads like this again.

liveActionLeveler2580d ago

"If" is a small word with a big meaning, but not for loltaku.

Oldman1002580d ago

-Augmented reality

-Six axis gyroscope

-Dual analog sticks

-OLED touch screen with rear touch pad

-Front and rear facing cameras


-LiveArea and Near

It's not going to be another psp, It's going to be better than a psp.

jdfoster002580d ago

+ It's not only a gaming machine it's an Entertainment machine forinstance can you watch movies on the 3DS? NO... But you can on the psv... I will you use this as a portable gaming sytem and portable movie system and use skype on it to phone friends via 3d and wi-fi =)

SpitTake2580d ago

ya you can watch movies on the 3ds via netflix

one2thr2580d ago

I'm surprised that neither of you guys mentioned the party room feature where you can voice/ video chat with other vita-ers....
And that it also has an advance web browser....... And built in gps, and ps3 version of the FULL ACCESS TO PSN...... sorry for the grammar I'm ay a laundromat and my touch screen is acting up do to the excess sweat on it

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