GND Review: Alice: Madness Returns

Jane Lim of GND writes:

Alice: Madness Returns starts out as a visually spectacular, albeit disturbing, romp in Wonderland which later gets bogged down by repetitive game play and combat. While these aren’t huge, deal-breaking issues, it does take away from the experience as a whole. I was left wishing the story was more connected with the gameplay itself. If the narrative had some significant effects on the gameplay, the journey would have felt more purposeful and evolving. What we get instead is an adventure that takes place because Alice doesn’t seem to know what to do otherwise, she goes from place to place because she happens to, not because she means to. What results is an enchanting, vibrant world with a game stitched onto it.

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SSIDEUP2518d ago

It's reviews like this that will never warrant support from good PR companies.

Did anyone actually proofread this tripe? Was this written by a fourteen year old with a thesaurus? Did they even PLAY the game?

Good lord, this is where the world of gaming journalism is headed - to Hell. Sites like these need to be shut down for good...