Exclusive: First Ever Batmobile PC, Must See This Now

A Whole new respect for the PC community is born with this masterpiece. Check out themePSEE's own creation of the Batmobile PC featured on the

It's powerful and it will blow you away stay tuned for the video below

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Hitman07692500d ago

This is probably the most original PC Mod I've heard of in a long time. ThemePSEE really has inventive concepts you have to admit!

newn4gguy2500d ago

I'm not going through an entire HipHopGamerShow to see this.

Jack-Dangerously2500d ago

Lol word dog.

OT: Well the title said that I must see this now. So I HAD to click on it right?

*glances at the picture* Yeah I think I get the idea without the video haha. :)

meller2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

fyi.. it's not a hhg episode.. the entire video is about the mod..

bodybombs2500d ago

god i hate hiphopgamer videos.

Nick2120042500d ago

I have gotta give it up to the person who created that!

ninjagoat2500d ago

That would look epic on anyones pc desk but tbh you gonna need an epic pc desk to store it ;)

Xristo2500d ago

Very innovative, but this is still my favorite case of the year so far!