Forza Motorsport 4 Kinect Gameplay Video | E3 2011

Here it is gang, fans of the Forza series will eat this up and spit it out since we cut the driving footage on purpose. (It’s pretty cool, you use your hands to drive)… but the demo here explains both the Kinect aspect and how much detail went into the Forza 4 experience. Check it out:

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Boody-Bandit2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

This seems so silly and poorly implemented. This will not move Kinect units.

I will be rocking Forza 4 with a Fanatec GT2 until the CSR Elite is released and not some stupid camera. This video only proves how useless this device (Kinect) actually is for mainstream gaming.

Oh I stand corrected (2 disagrees in 1 minute). Kinect is amazing for sim racing games. I feel foolish now.
*buries head in sand*
Please explain to a person like me that has logged a couple thousand hours playing racing games on various rigs and setups how this camera moves sim racing forward.

The floor is yours. I wont hold my breath while waiting for worth while retorts.

rabidpancakeburglar2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Why do things with a controller when you can do them at a quarter of the speed with kinect.


obviously you'll get disagrees as there are some seriously jaded fanboys out there who believe that kinect is the be all end all of gaming and will disagree with anyone who challenges it e.g. me

Boody-Bandit2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Because "now" sim racing is all about input lag and pretending you are actually controlling the car with lack of precision while hitting corners without gas, clutch, brake and no manual shifter. /s

Who needs buttons, cell loaded brakes, 900 degrees of rotation, at the very least analog gaming controllers, for precision accuracy while playing racing titles?

Obviously pissed off none gaming fans, aka fanboys and trolls, are upset with the reality of a true gamer laying down the truth. So sorry. I know reality stings like a mother. This is such a waste of Turn 10's time. <- Gamers know and admit this.

Arnon2559d ago

I don't think you understand what "jaded" means.

rabidpancakeburglar2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I do, it's just that it's almost 6 for me and I'm shattered and I chose a completely wrong word because I'm just writing what comes into my head.

Yeah those do look great but it's hard to concentrate on anything in that video because of the weird glasses(i think?) that guy is wearing.

Boody-Bandit2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

This is the wheel for Forza 4

Those wheels look incredible. The CSR Elite looks to surpass the Thrustmaster T500. Fanatec makes amazing wheels. I have 3 of them. Soon to be 4 *evil-grin*

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JokesOnYou2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

"This seems so silly and poorly implemented. This will not move Kinect units."

Here's why I hit the disagree tab:

I dont see whats so poorly implemented about it....its just a feature that simulates you looking at a car as if you were in a showroom and although it wasn't "OMG groundbreaking", it looked OK to me. It's a f*&%ing hyped up menu, NOT the core gameplay or controls for Forza4, why would this 1 feature be the reason to move Kinect units? lmfao, NO one feature in any in game can do that, but I do applaud micro for making kinect a part of all their games even if it is in some small way, its not the holy grail of gaming controls but its an EXTRA/ADDED feature, as long as I get the usual great Forza racing experience why in the hell would I complain about a bonus kinect feature? I BET if micro did NOT support it in most future games all of you same kinect haters would be going on and on about how "micro isn't supporting kinect", "its just a gimmick for casuals", "they don't believe in kinect", "blah blah blah".

Now of course I'm going to have tons of fun with this game and my racing wheel so I doubt I will bother with this feature more than once or twice, others may enjoy it more often, either way Forza4 can be enjoyed without bothering with kinect but WHY NOT give kinect owners a added bonus, I mean seriously they've put all this damm money into kinect it would be foolish NOT to implement it in hybrid games too, which also means that they continue to learn new things and improve kinect implentation/development. I definitely don't see how having kinect added in as a side bar to an existing game can hurt. Either way what WILL move kinect is by micro doing exactly what they are doing= supporting their product so that potential consumers will buy it because microsoft is committed to making it compatible with a variety of games for both casual and core gamers.= Good for all gamers & Smart business.

mcstorm2554d ago

That was very well put. It also gives car fans more interaction with the cars they like just like they get with the info from GT games but they have used kinect to make it a little different than with buttons.

olLANDSHARKlo2559d ago

They had 6 yrs. to wait to let this game release, thats what sim racers take now right? And I bet Forza 4 has online time trials included out of the box unlike some other sim.

Hicken2559d ago

Four years and counting for Forza; unlike another sim, this is the third iteration of Forza on this generation of consoles. The other sim put out what were essentially demo versions that handle and feature almost nothing the same. Silly other sim, building itself from the ground up.

kaveti66162559d ago

essentially demos selling for 40 or 50 bucks a pop

Hicken2559d ago


Design exercises, much as the PSPGO was a design exercise for the Vita. So, yes.

N4SIR2559d ago

devs for this game are still fuck nuggets though

Grenadan2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

autovista was built up around kinect

andrewsqual2559d ago

Where's the gameplay? Misleading title. Oh wait that WAS it? Seriously though who didn't see that coming i.e Kinect gameplay being a let down for the 20th time in the last 4 weeks. Didn't Microsoft say 3 months ago they had huge games to show off for Kinect and people joked "yeah Kinect Sports 2". Well thats what it was.

gameguidedog2559d ago

andrewsqual, the actual driving footage file was somehow corrupted. Figures it was at the end of the chip and just got lost forever. Basically let me describe it like this. Put your hands up like your driving and turn the wheel. That's it. Brutallyhonest got it straight with no gas, no break, no shift. I kept asking them all kinds of stuff like, couldn't you have dot dot dot... they kept answering, "we want to make it easy and simple" which really means, uh, we can't do that with Kinect. I figured like higher or lower raising of hand level would be gas or slow... they no likey that idea either. I half fell asleep on the driving since it was pretty mindless, but for some big kinect fans, it's a must so who am I to judge. Anyway, sorry the driving footage was lost, but it's par with the usual Forza titles, nothing lacking. I'm sure there's other vids of the driving. I think I've already seen an alt-source on my post here anyway.

sak5002559d ago

wow so you stand up move awkwardly around, bend side ways, stretch your arms around, sometimes need to do it couple of times and you can see the whole car from outside and inside... Can't wait to get this for my 360 /s

I doubt Forza fans will buy kinnect as most of them liked forza for being a racing game / simulation they are not the target audience for gimicky products.

I myself have the MS Wireless Wheel setup for racing.

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