Push-Start: Celebrities You Would Not Expect to be Gamers

Video Games are, to many, a geek’s way to pass time. But us gamers know better, and it’s so much more than that; gaming is a way of life. And this is something that some of the most talented and iconic celebrities of the world know only too well. Here are some of them that may surprise you.

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rabidpancakeburglar2559d ago

lol it says Angelina Jolie is a gamer because she plays angry birds. Most of these people aren't gamers.

SLLCKGT2557d ago

These articles are always stupid. Last time they said Kim Kardashian is a gamer cause he played Guitar Hero with her brothers lol

2557d ago
bebojet2557d ago

More like Casual Gamers to me.

Bonobo123452557d ago

Julia Roberts on halo all night?


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