Hitman: Absolution disguises Agent 47 as Sam Fisher (Bitmob)

Hitman: Absolution updates the franchise to modern aggro-stealth gaming standards, but is that a smart move or a misstep?

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T3MPL3TON 2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I hope they don' move away from stealth too much however, giving 47 some beefed up hand to hand combat skills isn't a bad idea in case the poop hits the fan.

I just want this game so bad and I want it to be good.

SybaRat2460d ago

If I can disguise 47 as a mime and garotte people, I'm good.

HarryPS32460d ago

What i understood is that only with this starting level or some levels are made in such way that you are being hunted down from the get-go and requires are more direct approach.

I personally would like to see just everything from Hitman: Blood money but with the graphics of today.

My main worry is the fact they have been stating Hitman: Absolution will be more mainstream to accommodate the "non-hardcore gamer".

BlmThug2460d ago

It Should Be Focused On People Who Made Hitman What It Is Today, The Core Gamers

CrimsonSaber2457d ago

i think they shouldnt not incorporate the button layout from blood money . hitting the x button to pull of my weopons grid and stop my game play was retarded.
RIGHT Trigger=Shoots
Right Bumper=Cycles your weopons inventory
Left Trigger=Aims down your sights
Left Bumper= Cycles your clothes your carrying

D^= Stand up
D>= open to ideas
D<= """"
D\/= Crouch
Right and Left thumb stick down are also open to ideas

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