Yakuza Of the End ships 400,000 units; series tops five million

Andriasang: Yakuza Of the End started off a bit slower than its predecessors, but Sega appears to be happy with the results so far. The company announced today that shipments of the zombie-themed twist on the franchise have topped the 400,000 mark, just two weeks after release. Additionally, Sega said that the worldwide shipment figure for the full Yakuza series has topped the 5 million mark.

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banned_nope2528d ago

superb sales for yakuza.

with an exception of a very few games, this just shows that 97% japanese-made titles sell really well if its on ps3.

i hope japanese developers/publishers ditch altogether 360 development to avoid loses. no flaming for 360 owners but that's just how it is.

wazzim2528d ago

No it isn't, porting to 360 from PS3 will rarely cause losses.

banned_nope2528d ago

porting has corresponding cost. japanese 360 title don't sell really well. we know that already. only games that sell for 360 are shooters.

Malice-Flare2528d ago

will we see these in the west???

Inception2528d ago

I hope SEGA will localize Kenzan, Black Panther, and of the End, specially Black Panther cause this game is really awesome.

ElementX2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Horrible sales for a series. There have been 6 or 7 games and only 5 million sold worldwide? I'm still working my way through Yakuza 4, I haven't gotten very far with all the new games coming out, but I think I'll get back into it during a dry spell.

Cloudberry2528d ago

I still want this to come in English along with Kenzan.