Redbox Finally Gets Video Games, but are They Worth It?

Gamer Gaia Editor Eric Pederson writes:

My childhood is filled with memories of biking to Mr. Movies and renting a fistful of video games to occupy my weekend. Unfortunately, as of now, I can't remember the last time I actually rented a game. I don't know if it is because brick and mortar video rental stores are slowly becoming a thing of the past or if it was because I started earning enough money where I could just go out and buy the games I wanted to play. Whatever the case may be, I now have a reason to meander my way out and rent a video game or two because everyone's favorite one-night movie rental kiosk, RedBox, is now filled with video games.

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GetoverHere1222588d ago

This will probably get me out of convenience.

Keith Olbermann2588d ago

No. Gamefly is a much better deal. This is bad.

ABizzel12588d ago

They've had games for a while now, and for $2 a day yes it is worth it, but only for short games or to test a game out before you buy it.

If it's a single player only game that's 6 - 12 hours then yeah get it at Redbox and beat it over the weekend.

Or if it's a game you want to try, get it for the day like I did with Brink.

Gamefly is the better option over long term, but their service has really slowed down since so many people are joining now, and Redbox gives you instant access to the game.

f7897902588d ago

The better deal depends on how much time you spend on console gaming. I don't spend enough time on only my ps3 to justify Gamefly but renting from the Redbox sounds nice. There are a lot of games I want to try out or maybe just beat over a 2 day period.

LOGICWINS2588d ago

I think this is great. It gives people a chance to try out a game for one night and see if they like it or not. Its way better than blindly paying $60 for a game you don't know you will like. I might actually try out Black Ops. I wanna see if all the hate COD gets on N4G is warranted.

trickshotdrums2588d ago

I completely agree with this. Renting is definitely the way to go if you're trying out a game and you don't trust demos.

$5/week was the old standard, sure, but you've got to account for inflation and whatnot. It's way more than that now. $2 for a test is fine with me. Sure beats $60 on a disappointment.

TheLastGuardian20102588d ago

Ehh..kinda. It's good if you want to play a short game like Vanquished (which takes roughly 5-6 hours to complete), and your able to finish it in one sitting. In that case paying 2$ is a steal.

Any more than to expensive.

falout2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Your a tough sell

femshep2588d ago

2 bucks for a maybe if it were 2 bucks for a week

koh2588d ago

You open a national (international?) video game rental service, stock each kiosk with video games, and rent them out for $2 a week. How long do you think you would be in business exactly? This is a business, not a charity haha.

femshep2588d ago

i dunno i think red box is stupid.....why play 2 bucks a A movie for A night when i could pay 8 on Netflix and watch 20 movies A night (not realistically of course but you know what i mean)

LOGICWINS2588d ago

Netflix doesn't feature recently released DVD movies in its streaming. You could get recently released movies from Netflix, but they have to ship them to you, which takes time. Btw, I don't think Netflix lets you have 20 movies out at a time..and if they do, I'm sure its MUCH more than 8 bucks a month.

Ravens202588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

My redbox still doesnt have any games, I really want to play through homefront SP though. Heard its a short but good campaign.

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The story is too old to be commented.