10 Ways to Ruin a Video Game

We have all played games plagued with tons of issues making us wonder why the developers put it in the game in the first place. From design choices to technical issues, what is it that ruins a game for us gamers?

Most of the games on this list are still good, some even awesome games. However they are being kept away from perfection due to the reasons on this list.

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Dart892433d ago

You forgot the major one MILK the series.e.g.COD,MADDEN,FIFA,

MassOnesumis2433d ago

For the most part I agree. Although, not continuing support post-launch is a punch to the stomach of consumers.

Kon2432d ago

" So as you can imagine, I was quiet frustrated when Nomad and Psycho didn’t even get a mention in Crytek’s latest game."

I guess the writer didn't played the game then.

The_Icon2432d ago

A mention as in something other than that quick 10 second flashback with Prophet leading us to believe they died...

Quagmire2432d ago

I stopped reading at "Metal of Honor"

M_Prime2432d ago

Fable 2 was not broken.. i don't know what crack this guy was on.. i loved that game, i found Fable 3 frustrating because the golden trail would not go to the correct place...

and the number 1 offense should be DELAYING A GAME AND NOT MAKING IT BETTER/FIXING IT (i'm looking at DUKE NUKEM FOREVER)

The_Icon2432d ago

Fable 2 could have been so much more if it was polished

n to the b2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

more polish wouldn't have fixed the SHITE ending, though. there's this expression, 'you can't polish a turd'...

anyway, shite games journalism is also annoying. I didn't even know what #1 was talking about until reading your comment, M_Prime - because the article gives no explanation as to what broken mechanics are specifically being referred to! think u got it right though M_Prime, I'm giving +bubs Helpful.

M_Prime2427d ago

thanks for the bubbles..

and n to the B i agree.. the ending was CRAP.... the game was awsome until the ending.. that whole tower thing was lame.. and you could cheat kind of by spending all your XP before the tower so when you have 0 you loose NOTHING..

but the DLC in fable 2 was good.. especially the island one.. it actually looked better then the rest of the game..

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The story is too old to be commented.