FEAR 3 - What Makes This Series Tick?

MMGN writes: The horror video game genre is an interesting one. The genre has traditionally been occupied by third-person, Japanese-inspired survival horror titles such as the Resident Evil or Silent series. While there are certainly other first-person horror games out there, FEAR has to be one the most successful, creating a genuinely freaky universe that is rich and engaging. With the launch of FEAR 3 just around the corner, we thought about what makes this series work so well.

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SageHonor2582d ago

They blend horror with nice FPS action really well? The slow motion is cool. The Nail gun is classic. Also Alma is a symbol and the A.I. is genuinely challenging.

femshep2582d ago

the overall story arc is really done well too how everything comes together in this a sucker for good stories

meday3542582d ago

F3ar is a must buy for me, i loved tha first and tha second. Two scared tha ghost out me, every level kept me on tha edge and wanting tha it to finish quickly. Every room i entered and every door i opened kept my trigger finger touchy and i love how tha game made u feel scared everytime u see or hear that little girl she always creeps me out and tha ending it was sick and twisted i love that type of shit!