Why Rage will be a Better FPS than Battlefield 3

Mike at Gaming Irresponsibly gives his reasons as to why id Software's Rage is looking to be that much more of a promising release than DICE's Battlefield 3. Which do you think will win? Frostbite 2, or id Tech 5?

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blitz0x2314d ago

Rage does seem cool, but better than BF3?

LOGICWINS2314d ago

They're too different to compare. One's a post-apocalyptic FPS and the other is a modern military shooter.

blitz0x2314d ago

Yeah that's true. It's almost similar to something like fallout versus mass effect lol

Tank_Commander_E62314d ago

Say wut?

Oh! Free advertising. I see what you did there.

lastdual2314d ago

Not to mention one is focused on single-player and the other on multiplayer.

I have no doubt Rage will feature a longer and more fully fleshed out campaign, while it's the multiplayer that will be center stage in Battlefield 3.

slayorofgods2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

They're both graphical beasts on pc's. It's very nice to see the pc finally getting some love now too.

wallis2314d ago

I completely agree. It's not fair to compare these two, it just seems like bait for a fanboy war.

I'm looking forward to both of these games, and I don't think either will provide an experience I'd call acutely "better" than the other's.

They're just two cool looking games by two pedigree devs. Comparisons like these can only cause damage, there's no need.

Coffin872314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

"Why stupid f*ing articles are always better than decent ones."
- The number of clicks they get.

jdfoster002313d ago

And also Rage doesn't have multiplayer like BF3... (It does have multiplayer but you can only be in cars (buggies or w.e you call them) You cant have opponent v opponent online (on foot) multiplayer in Rage is only vehicles

PhantomT14122313d ago

As long as they are two games, as long they are two shooters, they will always be comparable.

But the value of each of them will indeed depend a lot on the taste and profile of the gamer.

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movements2314d ago

I'm sure RAGE will be better in some ways, while BF3 beats it in other ways....I'm getting both btw.

LOGICWINS2314d ago

^^I'm actually more excited for Rage because theres SOOOO much mystery still surrounding it. Particularly the multiplayer aspect.

subtenko2314d ago

um..first of all, the dude in the pic looks like one of the bad dudes from heavenly sword..

second of all, RAGE is like a different game and not a military shooter... >_> right?

and where does MW3 come in with this comparison?

Should we have another article saying stuff like "New super mario paintball shooter, why it will be better than battlefield 3"

t0mmyb0y2313d ago

"Which do you think will win? Frostbite 2, or id Tech 5?"

I think they are literally saying "looks"

aGameDeveloper2313d ago

id Tech 5 on consoles, perhaps Frostbite 2 on PC.

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maskren2314d ago

Different thematic elements don't necessarily make the comparison impossible.

agentxk2314d ago

Rage needs to stop hitting delays too

agentxk2314d ago

Gonna have to bank on BF3. Gambled on Brink, that was disappointing

maskren2314d ago

Brink gave no initial indication of being a bad game, though. In fact, everyone thought it was going to be a solid title.

On the other hand, people are already complaining about BF3. That doesn't mean it's going to be bad, but on a minimal level it does a lot to frame a particular mindset.

Hicken2314d ago

People are complaining that BF3 doesn't look as good on PS3 as on PC... and those people are probably not even PS3 owners.

blitz0x2314d ago

I thought both Brink and Duke Nukem would be epic. Can't win em all.

keith-ps32314d ago

what games have they made

CaptCalvin2314d ago


ooohhh mmmyyyy ggaaawwwdd... who did you think made Doom 3?

Sheikh Yerbouti2313d ago


They like only frickin gave the world the FPS? Kids these days don't know their history.

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solar2314d ago

im glad im thrifty with my wallet. you guys buy some horrible games.

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silencedwriter2314d ago

First off I am buying both. I'm really not sure which one will be better. And they can be compared, Mass Effect is better than Call of Duty. Two different games, one is clearly better. But I will say that Rage had the best commercial. TIGER JUMP!

maskren2314d ago

For the record, I think Rage will include enter/exit animations for its vehicles, lol.

Biggest2314d ago

Too bad there are a very limited amount of vehicles in which to enter.

palaeomerus2314d ago

Yeah, because that TOTALLY ruined Borderlands n'stuff, AMIRITE?

Biggest2314d ago

You missed the point. I am not saying anything is ruined/destroyed/crap/theworst ever!!! Why is it that a thing can't be a thing without being the best or worst thing ever? The guy above me tried to insinuate that Rage had some sort of advantage over BF3 because of vehicle animations. I responded with what I feel is an advantage for BF3 in response. I'm sure people will love both games.