PlayStation Vita & Wii U Ready to Tackle Madden Franchise (Interview)

"E3 2011 was an absolute madhouse filled with a plethora of video game titles and devices that would soon be hitting retailers around the world. With companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, and more in attendance with massive booths highlighting their latest titles, the competition is rough and where else better to battle it out than the world's premier trade show for computer and video games, E3!"

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matey2554d ago

WiiU all day its like 10x the power of Vita plus its got proper next gen games in graphics and controls 3DS/Vita are ps3 like graphics at best WiiU is still over a year before release and devs are saying 50% faster than ps3 which equals

Power7 cpu 4 cores 3.6 ghz
Custon Radeon HD gpu 825mhz

ps3 555mhz/3 cores 3.2ghz

Not to mention the nexgen controls Japanese streets demo any1

matey2554d ago

3DS to interact with far superior WiiU over Vita interacting with current gen ps3 i know i would prefer the 3DS/WiiU combo as there both next-gen plus 3DS gets some mean games like Smash bros cross network with WiiU and Lego City Storys

Nick2120042554d ago

I cannot wait until the PlayStation Vita launches. I was blown away at E3 2011!

killajd2554d ago

Oh yea Im seeing alot of people that dont deserve it with just one bubble! So all those peoples with those one bubble crap just gave u bubbles!

killajd2554d ago

U cant wait??? I need my fix right now lol, all these videos that Im seeing are making me want it more and more! Keep this info update with the Vita coming.

zero_cool2553d ago

@matey the cell processor has 9 cores & the rsx is clocked @550mhz nothing personal just wanted you to be aware of that!

zero_cool2553d ago

im getting vita at launch for sure & picking up one of the launch games for sure & i look forward to seeing what developers can do in the future with vita's hardware.

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