Summer PC Deals: Mass Effect 1/2 each $7.95 save thru Sunday

If you haven’t played through Mass Effect 1 and 2, now’s your chance to play them in even greater definition, at the settings and resolution you want. Minus the DLC.

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Nick2120042554d ago

Now those are some deals!

falout2554d ago

You know what... I think I'm going to build me a nice pc rig, they ALWAYS have some kind of sweet deal going on. I just never see good deals like this for console games.

All devs want to do is stupid crap like online pass, instead of competing with used games sales directly by doing there own price cut/deals like this.

Kon2554d ago

You don't need any special pc to run this game, it is very light if you want to try it.

falout2554d ago

I recently bought a new pc at best buy, was told it was a good pc so I dropped $500 with monitor to find out it's garbage not strong enough for games like this just bs flash games and solitaire. Def learned my lesson with that store.

caboose322554d ago

Yea it can be somewhat expensive building good gaming pc, but if you are patient you can run into some ridiculous deals out there. Especially on steam.

Charmers2554d ago

Just as an idea, why wait ? If you see a good game deal then don't pass it up because you have a weak PC. Simply buy the game and then download it once you have a decent PC.

Most DD sites allow you to download the game whenever you like, there is no "limit" and you certainly do not have to download the game right after you have bought it.

This is especially true of Steam. So if you see a game deal that is irresistible and whilst you don't have a good enough PC yet but you intend to get one then take advantage of the deal.

falout2554d ago

Oh! I did not know that, great idea. When I got that pos pc the very first thing I did with it was dl steam since I always wanted to try it out with my 360 controller or ps3 pad if supported. Then when I seen the specs and my pc specs I was pissed, ready to bring the crap back but couldn't.

I really got it for my wife for school so when she found out why I wanted to bring it back it was just not going to happen all she kept saying was you have the ps3 360 wii iPhone psp and ds for that and I just couldn't argue that.

I would love to build a pc and plan to just dont k ow by when since I'm working on my car now so I may not get to those games for a long time. I just wish consoles would do things like this with DD.