Boy beaten to death after breaking tv playing Wii

GamePron: 5-year old Jamar Johnson allegedly broke his family’s television while playing Wii games last week. His mother, Kim Crawford became so enraged that she smacked the boy in the stomach and back “harder than I’ve ever hit him” – and she’s now facing charges of murder and manslaughter after Jamar died in hospital late Friday.

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ATiElite2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

What a Stupid


Cheap 720p TV's are not worth beating a wonderful child over. No child should ever be beaten like a rabid animal.

Tell jamar's mom to say high to Casey Anthony for me cause she is going to Jail.

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Ghoul2400d ago


your disgusting i hope you get a lifetime ban

ATiElite2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )


If that Biatch had driven her kid into a lake and drowned him for breaking the TV would you have known she was white?

killed the kid with a Samurai Sword, would you have thought Asian

Strapped TNT to the kid and blew him up would you have thought Arab?

Burned the kid in an oven would you have thought Nazi?

Waterboarded the kid to death would you have thought Dick Cheney?

White/Black/Brown/green/orang e/red/Fuchsia, poka-dot, it doesn't matter what their colors were. A child lost his life because of a person putting WAY TOO MUCH value over some materialistic object instead of valuing Humanity and being a good parent.

Lets not trivialize this sad issue with the "Race Card". Being Human and a good parent is more than being a skin color.

jadenkorri2400d ago

@ Kalowest

yeah like the most racist comment ever. That's one step down for humanity.

Kalowest2400d ago

I would say im sorry but i'm NOT, anything that involves a child/children dieing PISSES ME OFF.

P.S I'm black.

pixelsword2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

@ Kalowest:

Doesn't make a difference, you act like because you're black that you can't make a racist comment. Get out of here with that garbage; what you said isn't tolerable for anyone to say: from anyone to anyone of any race.


I'M black.

Lykon2400d ago

wow as well as producing the console with the worst graphics and controllers since atari2600 nintendo are inciting the shaneeekas and tawandas of the world to beat their welfare babies to death. very sad ....her behaviour was inhuman

Hufandpuf2400d ago

Why do you have 4 bubbles? you won't be needing 3 of them anymore.

ChrisW2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I feel incredibly sorry for the child.

P.S. I'm not black.

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teedogg802400d ago

Who disagreed? I just don't understand some people.

thematrix12982400d ago

People just do it for the fun dude, don't take the disagree seriously.

PS: I disagreed :)

MagicAccent2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

The real tragedy is that the mother didn't go to the hospital afterwards.

I mean, striking out in anger is one thing, but.. She could have saved him.

TruthbeTold2400d ago

Oh, you're black? That makes the comment o.k. then.


subtenko2400d ago

wow, first hardcore thing if heard about the wii, and at that....F'd up!

Some parents...I wish the boy had to fight in him to defend himself from this abuse. :( Anyone care to make a freeweb site to do a online memorial or so?

I kno it seems silly and pointless..but eh...when you mess with one gamer, you mess with us all!

IRetrouk2400d ago

if you know what your doing i will help out. what happened is sick and undeserved, pm me with what you have in mind.

subtenko2399d ago

Um hey guys, I made a website as a tribute to all lost gamers. I guess this was the final story I read that pissed me off and I guess I wanted to do something. It took 10mins to make, hopefully it gets put to good use. Its for any lost or affected gamer.

Im not promoting anything but the tributes from all of you as gamers if you want to make a tribute to someone.

Maybe I can make an article on n4g, Im just pissed at all this f'd up stuff in the world. well, there goes my last bubble. PM me anyone I guess if you want.

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life doomer2401d ago

life can be so unfair sometimes and it sucks. I feel really bad for the child.

Mottsy2401d ago

or bizznatches can be so unfair sometimes. seriously i dont even know what to say about shit like this.Rip young gamer :(

Dogswithguns2401d ago

You can always get a new TV, youknow. but you never gonna bring the kid back... oh man, this is sad.