X360A: Halo: CE Anniversary Preview – 10 Years On & Still As Epic

It’s amazing what a good lick of paint can do. It can turn your 1995 Porsche Carrera from a thing of embarrassment into a thing of beauty. So much so that your friends wouldn’t believe it was the same car. What happens though if there was a button on the dashboard that flicked between the new look and the old look? Well, you’d show it the hell off, right? Exactly! You’re not messing with the engine, so it still handles the same and you’re only tweaking the looks, to make it something a little more acceptable from a standard level in today’s day and age. That’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary in a nutshell… the only difference between the two being that while the Porsche is only running on one engine, Halo: CE Anniversary is using 3! Yes, 3!

Why take a game from 2001 though and visually upgrade it and release it in 2011? The answer is quite simply, why the hell not!? To mark the 10th anniversary of Microsoft’s console-defining title, 343 is taking the old game, giving it HD visua...

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