E3 2011: Resident Evil Revelations Hands-On Preview []

GamingUnion says "There are two types of Resident Evil games; the new ones and the old ones. The new ones have an over the shoulder camera view, QTEs galore and a whole ton of ammo. There's also Resident Evil 5 where players are given a not so intelligent AI character. Then there's the older games which focus heavily on exploration, puzzle solving, a static camera, and, most importantly, inventory management. There's nothing to say that either one is better, but in Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom decided to mesh the two into a lovely combo for all fans to enjoy."

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ShawnCollier2581d ago

Nice to see them going back to the older style of RE titles to some degree.

Hardedge2581d ago

Interesting. Will have to keep an eye out for this game, my 3DS has been collecting dust as of late.