Five Games to Get You in the Mood for Summer!

Chad Awkerman writes, "If you all missed it, today is the first day of Summer! I know as gamers, the stereotype is that we don’t get out of the house much and rarely see the sun, but I’m sure that’s not true in many cases, right? C’mon, prove them wrong! To ramp up for the Summer, what better way to get in the mood than to play some videogames? I’ve come up with a random smattering of games that have aspects that remind me of Summer, tropical weather and just general having a good time at the beach.
So, without rambling on any further, hit the break to check out several games that I thought of when I think of Summer. Perhaps you have your own to share in the comments?"

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thevokillist2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Odd assortment of summer games. Haven't played any of them... does that mean I suck? haha