15 Years of Gory: A Loving Look back on Resident Evil

Boy, the years sure do fly by. Has it really been 15 years since the original Resident Evil was popped into PlayStations across the world and scared the pants off every little gamer brave enough to press the start button?

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honestpizza2365d ago

I don't care what anyone says. Resident Evil 4 was the creation of an entirely separate franchise of games that shouldn't be considered true RE games. I love the original, tank control games and to me those are the only Resident Evil games worth playing.

flipmop442365d ago

4 was my favorite though hands down, but it really wasn't like the others. I still loved every minute of it!

Cwalk8162365d ago

I love almost of all the Resident Evil games, excluding the hand helds. Though their the same series each title bring something different, even the outbreak spin-offs were good in my opinion.

JLay9112365d ago

the 4th is the worst in my opinion just terrible !

GregoryAllen2365d ago

Good Tiiiiiiimes, good times.