AMY tech demo is quite eye-opening

Lexis Numerique has released a short tech demo trailer for upcoming survival horror game AMY, presented by the game’s director and Flashback creator Paul Cuisset.

AMY tells the story of a zombie plague aftermath: a young woman struggles to survive with the aid of a mysterious little girl.

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dangert122585d ago

These made Red Johsons Chronicles a great game this will be day 1 for me

subtenko2585d ago

So is this Coles sister or something thats gonna be in inFamous 3? Cause thats the only interesting thing about this video. Looks like shes been a bad girl ;)

malandra2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

for those who don't know this game will cost 13 dollars and releases on July only on PSN

what they wrote on the article is made up, it might come to 360/PC after the PSN release but there's not announcement or even rumors about it, the september release date is made up as well, the game was supposed to be out by now but the PSN downtime made them push it back just a few weeks, not three months

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Ser2585d ago

Isn't this a downloadable game? Looks pretty friggin' good if it's download only.

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The story is too old to be commented.