Why Sony Should be Threatened by the Wii U

Writing off any sort of competition as a non-threat can be a risky maneuver. There is a very fine line between confident and cocky and Sony has been straddling that line quite dangerously since E3. Ignoring a potential competitor, regardless of how big or small, can be the first step toward a very slippery slope. In a recent interview, Sony basically wrote off the Wii U as something that has no chance of even causing so much as a hiccup in their day to day sales.

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SweatyFlorida2466d ago

Two different audiences, Nintendo has always been separate from Sony/Microsoft and the WiiU is no change. Sony means no threat as in the WiiU will most likely not steal from Sony's user base or ruin PS3 sells. What they have shown "so far" and what Jack said are perfectly acceptable. WiiU doesn't speak to me, a non Nintendo user, it speaks to Nintendo's hardcore fanbase who stuck with them for years.

I can get the games their getting aside from Nintendo's 1st party on my ps3, but a higher resolution and prettier graphics does not justify spending an extra $400 (assuming)

Shok2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

"Nintendo has always been separate from Sony/Microsoft"


Everyone completely forgets about the N64 and GameCube years. ONE generation, Nintendo releases the weakest platform and all the sudden they've "always" been like this. And vice-versa for Sony, now all the sudden they've always been about strong hardware, yet the PS2 and PS1 were the weakest of their gens. The GameCube and N64 totally appealed to the core.

CrazyForGames2466d ago

that whole two different audiences thing went out the the window the moment everyone released their own motion controllers

LOGICWINS2466d ago

^^Well said. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo ALL want the casual market.

thugbob2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Just because all three companies want the casual market does not mean each system doesn't have their own audiences. Look at games for example. Developers try to make their games accessible to the causal market while still appealing to their core fans.

Machioto2466d ago

N64 came after ps1 so it was likely to be stronger and what game prove GC was more powerful than ps2, not resi 4 ,because it only had better effects than the ps2 version .

Ulf2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Sony wants the Wii market as much as they want the discount TV market.

There's a brand name to be concerned with here, folks. To the average Joe, Sony means "high quality electronics". It doesn't mean "cheap discount electronics", and never will. The Move filled a void in their product lineup -- it was NOT meant to turn the PS3 into a Wii, or to make the PS3 appeal to the masses.

Sony survives on its brand. It's not going to diversify merely because there's money to be made in other sectors, where some other company can afford to attack those sectors -- they focus on the high-end, and they conquer that revenue stream to the point where its difficult to compete with them, in that sector. They don't spread themselves so thin that they can't hold that high-end market sector.

If Sony squanders their brand name equation with the "high-end", they will sink into the pools of lesser electronics companies that struggle for dominance in the rest of the market. They *aren't* going to go there.

kikizoo2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Not only n64, gamecube came after ps2...and was not enough powerfull, and attractive (not enough game, like n64) to's the reason why they tried another solution, cheap and popular.

"Actually, Sony lost so much money on the early years of the PS3 they simply can't afford to release a console with a generational leap of power"

lol, vita ? ps4 ? the dreams of the "sony is doomed" dumb generation are always funny...and retarded (sony can afford more than you think : bluray victory, better sales than xbob hardware and software, last years, and better than xbox since launch, without the same huge marketing

"Nintendo has many and far more 1st party exclusives"

lol maniacmayem fanboytroll, delusional or misinformed much ?

"they worried about the motion control market and tried to imitate by dropping the Move.

"tried" lol, they did'nt imitate, since the camera and the move tests are existing before 2000, and they did'nt just tried, but succeed doing a better motion controler than anyone else, more accurate, and usefull for "real games".

DatNJDom812466d ago

Whoever thinks Sony isn't taking Nintendo serious is as much of an idiot as the author of this article. I haven't seen any news of Sony being cocky or arrogant as this "journalist" suggests. Jesus people just spew pupu all day. Gotta love it.

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Rainstorm812466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

i agree, i feel if anything Nintendo needs to be concerned with being direct competition against the 360 and PS3.

With the Wii, ninty carved out its own niche with motion gaming. Now the Wii U's controller needs to give vastly different experiences from what is available, or many people wont go out to buy a Wii U just to play games that will be available on the competition's hardware.

Who's going to wait to play battlefield 3 on the Wii U when it will be available onn PS3 360 and PC this year?

@ Shok above

Yes the N64 and GC were core systems but the odd controller which led to less 3rd party support, made it an alternate choice for many gamers.

IMO ninty just couldnt compete in the core market and went fully casual. Now they want the core market back but they will definately have a fight on thier hands from this current gen and next

blackburn102466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Very good point. Who is going to wait for these franchises to launch on the Wii U next year? I personally have quite a few games I still want to play on the PS3. I am not going to Nintendo's side just because they launched a new console. Especially since they look like they still have the same strategy of launching the same tired franchises again with Mario, Pikman and Zelda at the head....... again.

Not to metion the fact that now that Nintendo has FINALLY gone HD, I am certain that the all it's features will probably be dwarfed by the other next gen consoles specs leaving Nintendo with the weaker console again. That's the problem with going first. The competition can easily one up you by improving on your weaknesses and mistakes.Now they are competing with Sony and Microsoft with power,networking and graphics, they don't stand much of a chance. They lost the core a long time ago.

Valk2466d ago

LOL @ BLack, Such a newb comment.. We've had 2 Pikmins from Nintendo in 2 console generations... You are getting 4 Uncharteds from Sony in one generation

Yes its wrong of Nintendo to release games years about. They should be like Sony and ship one every year then when it gets milked to death copy another franchise and start over or just rename one of your own... Yeah now thats innovation.

DrRichtofen2466d ago

Sony shouldn't be threatened by the WiiU the best thing Sony's got going for them are their vast number of quality exclusives and thats something that wil always be only on playstation 3 nothing else I'd be more worried for nintendos WiiU.

Warprincess1162466d ago

Well to most people, a new zelda or mario
game every year is a quality exclusive.

maniacmayhem2466d ago

You guys really need to stop hiding behind the "sony exclusive" shield because its real weak.

Nintendo has many and far more 1st party exclusives.

Rainstorm812466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

many? yes. far more? hmmmm... not too sure

One thing ill give you Ninty has more memorable exclusives but they are going on 25th anniversaries...

the PS1 isnt 25 years old yet..

If your going on age and nostalgia yea ninty takes the cake.... but quantity it may be a dead even race even with all the Mario side games... Mario kart, mario galaxy, mario party, mario olympics....etc

DrRichtofen2466d ago

Most people grow tired of the same two chartacters. Its been more than 20 years and Mario and Zelda are still the best nintendo has? give me a break people complain about CoD getting milked look at Mario he's in about 2 games released every year, look he's a basketball player, a golfer, he's in the olympics, now he's on the moon. I'm not dogging on Mario but damn I wanna see something new from ninty, don't the rest of you?

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Shok2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Guys, ANY company should be worried about another's console. Why? Simple; Market share. Anyone who says company A shouldn't be worried about company B is a fool.

Everyone here would say that the Wii wasn't in direct competition with the 360 and PS3. But what if the Wii never existed? Then more sales would go toward either the PS3 or Xbox 360. What if a kid asked for 360 with Kinect, or a PS3 with Move, and there was no Wii? Then they would get an Xbox 360 or PS3. But in a parent's mind, they already have one video game console (the Wii), so they wouldn't see the need to buy another.

So in the end, Sony SHOULD be worried about the Wii U, and Nintendo also SHOULD be worried about the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

thugbob2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

You are misunderstanding Sony when they say aren't in a hurry to dish out the PS4. Sony simply doesn't think the Wii U will steal some of it's customers and I agree with them.

The only thing the Wii has to attract is the controller. So if people aren't impressed with it or don't feel it's worth shelling out a couple hundred bucks for it they won't. It's not like they're missing out on awesome graphics as we know the Wii U's graphics are on par with the 360/PS3 hence Sony says "welcome to the party."

As long as Sony keeps a great line up games for the PS3, the PS3 will still hold it's own when the Wii U drops. That is how Sony feels so they are not in a hurry to rush out the PS4.

TacoTaru2466d ago

Actually, Sony lost so much money on the early years of the PS3 they simply can't afford to release a console with a generational leap of power. They need to worry about Wii U because it will be as powerful as the PS3 and it will be something "new". All those parents that would be updating the Wii with a PS3 will now be able to go Wii U and have backwards compatibility with all the games they already own. And oh, by the way, there are a huge number of Wii owners out there.

thugbob2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Parents with kids are not the only consumers out there. As long as Sony continues to bring out great games for it's system the PS3 will continue to sell. The number of Wii owners doesn't really matter in regards to PS3 sales. It's expected that most will upgrade to the Wii U. I don't think the amount of PS3s sold will all of a sudden significantly drop when the Wii U drops.

AWBrawler2466d ago

We don't know the Wii U specs yet and Sony should be conserned, because Nintendo will have a head start and a lot of exclusives from developers if they drag their feet

Cwalk8162466d ago

Finally someone besides me sees potential in the Wii U.

GetoverHere1222466d ago

Nintendo has been doing things to bring me back, while Sony is doing things to push me away. I'm scared at the thought that I may buy the Wii U

Cwalk8162466d ago

In reality Nintendo has always aimed for a niche and has also filled it, although people are complaining about the Wii it's sold 30 million more than any other console world wide. Nintendo knows what they're doing.

ViserysTargaryen2466d ago

Wake me up when Nintendo actually announce some core games. I have zero interest in their Mario and Zelda offerings.

Valk2466d ago

Yet rushed to an article about them... Some trolls are just pathetic.. Yes all they make is Mario and Zelda. If you dont include the 30 other or so franchises they have created over the years, but hey they did fine without your money this gen and will be fine without it next gen too I am sure. Besides I dont want to see all the morons from Sony suddenly making Wii u owners looking like morons by switching sides.

Take you for example. It makes me sad that people like you consider yourselves gamers when you do more hating than gaming, and anyone who comes here and isnt a gamer might confuse haters like you with real gamers like me and think we are alike.

ViserysTargaryen2465d ago

What're the troll here, Nintendo fanboy. My interest is in the nextgen of consoles and core games not the casual and kiddie bullshit, you don't need 1080p and 4xAA for Wii Fit or whatever the hell it is you Nintendo fans are into now. If and when Nintendo actually produce some games that would appeal to the core gamers then I'll be all over it. There's no point in dishing out $300 for a nextgen casual gaming system when I can get my fill of casual games with Angry Birds and various Facebook games.

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