TheParanoidGamer: Top 5 Free Android Games

TheParanoidGamer writes: "It’s incredibly difficult to find deep and rich experiences off of a mobile device, mostly because everyone is content with creating good but short-lived experiences. Today we are going to highlight five titles that every hardcore mobile user should download. Hit the break to see what made the cut, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comment section."

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Reebo2435d ago

Never really heard of any of those games besides texas hold 'em, but will definitely check some of them out.

xyxzor2435d ago

Pocket Legends is definitely the best on the list.

coolboy2212432d ago

Yeah i'm gonna download that one and a few others

Nitrowolf22435d ago

Might try some of those out

xyxzor2432d ago

We will also be doing one for paid apps.

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