The Sony Geniuses - Infamous 2 Review

In 2009, Infamous became one of the most renowned and beloved Playstation 3 exclusives. Two years later, Sucker Punch has released a highly anticipated sequel and in some ways, it lives up to its well-received predecessor. Full of plenty of new powers to play with and a lively new city to explore, Infamous 2 is a lot of fun and certainly worth getting for any fan of the original.

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Thesonygeniuses2407d ago

I was hoping for the game to take the Uncharted 2 crown. Ohh well.

LOGICWINS2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

As far as character development and story DOES take Uncharted 2's crown IMO.

EDIT: Btw, I agree with your score. The game is great but it isn't perfect.

-No stat tracker. I wish the game would keep track of how many monster/pedestrians I've killed.

-When you use Kinetic Pulse to lift up a car with a pedestrian in it, and THROW the car 150ft in the air, how come the game doesn't give me the signal that I killed a bystander(Bystander +1 in red)...when I obviously did?

-Theres no "New Game+". Let me explain. When you beat both the Hero and Infamous campaigns, your given the ability to use powers from BOTH good and bad Karmic systems. The problem is that your not allowed to use these powers in a new game.

^^This wouldn't make sense in the story since the campaign is about building up Cole's powers..but it would have added tons of replay value.

-The UCG missions, at the moment, are EXTREMELY underwhelming. No mission I have played comes close to matching the excitement I get from any of the story missions. Most UCG missions right now revolve around b.s. ways to build up your XP. The tools are so amateurish that it made me WANT to buy LBP2.

-Glitches(which I expect in an open world game) happen more often than I would like. In a side mission where you and Kuo fight a Crusher..Kuo literally disappeared from the mission.

Also, in the first "Chucking Cars" mission, Nix mysteriously died 10 seconds into the mission..which obviously restricted me from completing it.

Kur02407d ago

I love Infamous 2 but no way in hell its story pacing is better than Uncharted 2.

LOGICWINS2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Well thats your opinion. My opinion still stands. Uncharted 2 is essentially an Indiana Jones movie and it knows it. It relies more on impossible escapes and snappy one-liners.

Infamous 2 on the other hand is an emotional story through and through with ACTUAL character development. Dynamic characters like Nix and Kuo have MANY more layers than Chloe and Elena..whose backstories we know VERY little of.
Also, especially with Nix's backstory..there are tons of allusions towards slavery and the treatment of lower class people.

The sexual tension between Cole and Nix, the pain that Nix feels due to her family being killed in front of her, and the MASSIVE change in character that Kuo feels at the end of the Hero campaign all give a HUMAN feel to the game.

The fact that you can watch frequent news updates in the game caters to that realistic feel, making you believe that this is something that can actually occur in real life.

Cole himself feels LEAGUES more human than Nathan Drake. Cole gets cocky, hes says dude, he acts EXACTLY the way any of your buddies would act if they had powers.

Btw, the ending in Uncharted 2 is NOTHING compared to either of the two ending in Infamous 2. I actually got choked up because I cared about the characters that died in the end..not in Uncharted 2.

Jack-Dangerously2407d ago

So you state your opinion right? Which is fine. Then Kur0 replies with his opinion. And you seem to take issue with that. "Well my opinion still stands blah blah". That's just my opinion tho. /s

TastyTreats2407d ago

I wasnt into the first one but this one seems interesting

HowarthsNJ2406d ago

Play the first one anyway. It's better than it looks when you get deep into it.

philpee22406d ago

And it's free now on the Welcome Back program if you haven't picked those games already.