In Defense of Being Good

There are many defenses of the virtuous playstyle. Some claim to be good people who simply enjoy spreading joy and happiness, some don't like the snuff-film mentality of many games' "evil" karmic paths, and yes, some are terribly afraid of the shame that hits them in the pit of the stomach when they squash children with pimpin' cars.

GamerGaia's Anya Palkowski's reasons are... a little different.

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Cwalk8162525d ago

Good guys get the ladies, least in video games. :(

GetoverHere1222525d ago

I like being the good guy in games, that's what Batman would do.

zerox5052525d ago

trish was a bitch in infamous, so i liked being bad

honestpizza2525d ago

I always play as bad. It's the only time I can do that stuff and get away with it. Plus the bad gets get better powers.

GregoryAllen2525d ago

Being evil = always more fun.