Nintendo Needs to Address the Core Now

Benjamin Yoder from gamrFeed writes:-

"E3 gave us a glimpse into every major publisher's future. Depending on the company and your preferences, that future could be good or bad. Hardcore gamers could probably generally agree that, unless Nintendo messes things up, they have the potential of a very bright future with the Nintendo 3DS and the introduction of the Wii U. At E3 they showed a strong message on the 3DS front with five fantastic looking titles on the way and they also showed the Wii U and its fancy new controller coming in 2012, iced on top with the promise of HD visuals. While it is great to hear that Nintendo might be smothering us in some goodness in the future, what about today?"

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LocO_o2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Article is fail.

I would love an HD Zelda but thats not what makes Zelda one of the best game franchise of all times.

Play spirit tracker on the DS and you will see that what makes Zelda number 1 is the game play and universe.

Give me a Zelda with Demon Soul graphics and awsome game play over a Zelda with God of War graphics and liner game play any day.

ChickeyCantor2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Nintendo needs to do nothing really...
I mean to think you feel special ( labeling yourself as hardcore) makes you sound juvenile. Nintendo will do what they always have.
Create consoles, create games. I rather have third parties actually support the system better. Main reason im getting a Nintendo console is for their first party titles. And if third parties fail to deliver then thats cool i'm still getting great games from Nintendo.

Having a Ps3 or 360 next to it will fill up the third party void.

N4g_null2553d ago

Looking back at what nintendo made on a lesser console I'm not too worried. The over seas ports are coming so is Zelda so I really don't see the problem. Plus it's time to start saving that cash right? I mean I'm sure the gaming press needs news but the gamers don't. If ps3 owners can wait till 2012 for their game then why can't wii gamers? What is coming out on the 360? Oh some casual games, yeah I'm not seeing the pressure.