Apple will own games industry in future - Phil Harrison

Former PlayStation executive VP shares some thoughts on Apple's future in the games industry.

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Merivigian2584d ago

If Nintendo can't downright own the industry, Apple can't. They're the inventors of handheld gaming for Christ's sake! Just try not to get to caught up in your dram there Phil.

StbI9902583d ago

Now now, your avatar is such a rip off of mine, your problem lad?

And for apple to own the gaming industry have first to buy sony, nintendo, microsoft and steam off, after that, u win apple, but, doubt shit happening anytime NEVER.

Merivigian2583d ago

haha, I think I saw you around a few days ago. I've had it for a better part of 400 days now.

OpenGL2583d ago

Actually the first handheld was the Milton Bradley Microvision.

meganick2583d ago

Yeah Nintendo wasn't the first, but they sure as heck popularized handhelds like no other company.

Rainstorm812583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Hmm a company that considers themselves to make gaming hardware....yet doesnt show up to E3??

No NO they will have their same Angry birds/ 1.00 game market.

When apple can sell 40-60 dollar games on their hardware , ill be more convinced.

subtenko2583d ago

THERE HE IS!! Didnt read the article but all I gotta say is WTF PHIL!? Get back over to Sony you moron, we all hate you for leaving Playstation home and we miss your famous sentences always ending "in 1080p" (with a British accent)

Dagonit Phil...shame on you! >:(

lil Titan2583d ago

great so i have to allow my location in the future to play games now just great.

showtimefolks2583d ago

most of us won't be able to afford their handheld systems since they will be 599 and their home console will be 999 basic and 1199 for top tier model

MS and Sony are good enough for me so keep apple out of it

meganick2583d ago

What do you mean "if Apple gets into gaming?" They're already in it.

kma2k2583d ago

agreed but you forgot to add they would come out with a new system every 6 months!

radphil2583d ago


By that logic any smartphone provider is into gaming too.

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a_bro2584d ago

god, i hope not. cause it they do, thats the day i will quit gaming. Apple has no idea what people want from games, aside from the crap shovelware..

BeastlyRig2584d ago

You will need an apple console that only works with an apple tv, that only will stand on an apple table, plugged into an apple outlet & will only be comfortable on an apple sofa.. Every game will have the word i infront of it & nothing will support flash..

fluffydelusions2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

And it will use that $20 proprietary usb cable for everything

ilikestuff2583d ago


i like your words because they carry all sorts of truth and theyre funny

newn4gguy2583d ago


Brilliant. :)

keith-ps32583d ago

@RIG i never really tho of it that way i would never buy ipod cuz i have to go by itunes to put music on it iphone ipad coast to much i want a imac lol but god damn they coast so much not one for under a g

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dangert122584d ago

2bh i think its been looked at the wrong way,
i don't think people buy apple products because of gaming,but then people game on them because they can
who in the right mind would buy an ipad over vita for gaming the ones in the best position to dominate is sony if they make there own OS and tablets incorporate psn into that and there phones that use there own os maybe even a pc os i know they won't but sony are in the best position in my eyes

Kon2584d ago

Expect new console upgrades at least one per year

Parapraxis2583d ago

Bubble up for funny & true.

Rainstorm812583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

iGame 6 will release six years to the day of the original iGame........ Apple please keep doing what you are now.

And it will release for only 699 US Dollars!

fluffydelusions2583d ago

that is for the 16gb model. 32gb will be 799

blackburn102583d ago

Exactly. I can't wait to be buying a new console every year.Sorry Apple. The day you own the games industry is the day I stop gaming. I guess I could collect stamps instead.

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pandehz2584d ago

Hope that day never comes.

I love my hardcore games.

Ser2583d ago

Nah, I highly doubt that. I doubt Apple could take down the three major gaming companies by itself.

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