With Xbox’s New In-Game Advertising, Engagement Is the Goal

NY Times - Users of Microsoft’s popular Xbox Kinect gaming console will soon be able to use voice and motion commands to interact with advertisements while they are playing their favorite game or watching a video.

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Burning_Finger2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


New Microsoft catchphrase.

Infernostew2497d ago

They have to start making some of that money they lost on Skype since they bought a company and product that has very little income.

gamingdroid2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

but has huge potential? I think they have like 170 million users.

Imagine Skyping from your Xbox 360!

That said, this advertisement should be interesting.

Infernostew2497d ago

But how many of those 170m use the premium skype service? If I recalled, Skype came out with a pretty big loss last year. Skype would be really cool on the 360 and/or the next xbox but for now they already have a pretty good chat system and the legwork to implement the features into XBL would be pretty costly. I'd think that for the next console they'll definitely go with skype though.

gamingdroid2497d ago

A lot of times, the money isn't in trying to squeeze out a money per user, but rather earn money from the ecosystem such as advertisement or implement into other MS products.

Example make Windows more valuable by integration into the OS (probably run into some BS anti-competitive sh!t again), MS Office and so on to avoid those products from fading into obscurity. Then charge enterprise/business users.

Business are far more likely top pay and stick to the service than consumers do.

However, the value isn't in the technology it is in the number of users already using the service. You tend to stick to the service you everyone else is on.

dcbronco2497d ago

@ Infernostew

I think you're making the mistake most people do when looking at something. You're looking at it as it is today as opposed to what it can be. MS could improve the ability of Skype and expand markets that don't use it as much as they should. As fuel prices continue to rise, teleconferencing will become more important. Also look at the area of real-time reporting. MS could allow high quality feeds in places with breaking news. That footage is always used by news agencies all over the world who pay to use it. MS could get a percentage in return for the HQ feed. Also adding HQ video phone to Live would bring in more people that don't usually play games much. Video phone would bring MS closer to owning the living room.

Your 360, and Kinect, would now be the family place for:

Live TV
Video phone calls
On demand movies
Unlimited music

The 360 could replace the cable box. With family accounts everyone would still be independent.

DrFUD2497d ago

More reason every level of Live should be free

Simco8762497d ago

Why would I ever want to interact with advertising? lol

What a horrible idea, FUD is right... bring down the price of Live, if I have to "interact with advertising" while I am trying to game.

Seeing it is one thing, but interacting with it?

Septic2497d ago

It's a clever move to reel in companies to advertise but hey, nevermind us gamers....its not like we are paying for the service.......oh wait

gamingdroid2497d ago

and you are getting features other providers aren't giving you. Here are a few:

- leader, not a follower: The first to get Netflix, ESPN, achievements and so on... next up is Live TV and DVR (with no extra hardware).
- only one to have party system, cross game chat, custom soundtrack in all games
- Consistently keeping game servers up, while the competition isn't. Look no further than the recent shutdown of PC/PS3 servers for Grid by Codemasters:

- Dedicated team to fighting cheaters

... and if you aren't happy there are always alternatives!

Septic2496d ago

Bear in mind that this is still a service we pay for. Gamers have nothing to benefit from advertisements, no matter how interactive.

I'm more than aware of the features of Xbox Live (we don't get ESPN or Netflix). I'm not happy about adverts but am happy about the other elements. So don't tell me there are alternatives. I'm aware of what they are.

Before you try and school someone about Xbox Live, try and read and understand the point being made. Interactive advert will hardly benefit gamers. I don't know about you, but I game more than I post on threads or watch advertisements for that matter.

gamingdroid2496d ago

"Interactive advert will hardly benefit gamers."

"Bear in mind that this is still a service we pay for. Gamers have nothing to benefit from advertisements, no matter how interactive."

Sure it does if it is relevant advertisement! Consider the fact that it makes Xbox Live more relevant for MS, as profit increases so does it's relevance. The profits can also go towards developing more services for Xbox Live.

Google wouldn't be here with all their glorious free services if it weren't funded by essentially on business, namely ADVERTISEMENT!

"I don't know about you, but I game more than I post on threads or watch advertisements for that matter."

Good for you! I always appreciate intelligent responses with good reasoning! /s

Don't really know what you are trying to say there buddy.

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