Nintendo of America Doesn’t Understand Its Fans

Craig from TV and Lust explores some of Nintendo of America's decisions over the past few years, and how those decisions seemingly fly in the face of their fans' requests.

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jc485732464d ago

Now, just release Xenoblade and Last Story

alousow2464d ago

they should just keep releasing Mario games and another wii fit, because wii its a toy for fat people and little kids

jc485732464d ago

sigh...Nintendo owns the rights to those games. It's so unfair.

AWBrawler2463d ago

Why does nonsense get agrees?

LoaMcLoa2463d ago

Fanboys, AWBrawler. Lots and lots of fanboys.

N4g_null2463d ago

I'm not sure but if you buy the console you are a fan right? Ok so 22 million Mario kart fans think they did a good job, so did the brawl fans, Mario 5 fans.

The wiiu is for this guy complaining yet it's also for those wii fans that enjoyed the wii. Another thing is these fans request usually are a ton of bad ideas and only the requesting party likes it. Sega, nec, snk, 3do makers and midway all listen to fans way too much.

Make some thing a success first before you start giving out advice.

Burning_Finger2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

They don't even understand most of their core gamers. They just want the $$$.

ChickeyCantor2463d ago

O you mean running a business?

krazykombatant2463d ago

cuz sony and ms are saints...

Infernostew2463d ago

This article didn't even touch on the whole Fatal Frame 4 disaster. NoA is the worst.

Valk2463d ago

ACtually the game wasnt that good so they made the right choice really. Rather not get the game then get a crappy game with poor controls.

ChickeyCantor2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

They aren't just looking at the minority. They think that the little amount isn't profitable. Thats why we don't always see all games coming to EU or US