Prey 2 New Interview Including Screens and Trailer

It looks like Human Head took the blueprint from Prey, shredded it into a million pieces and then lit it on fire. The only 2 concepts that survived this process was the title and the idea of an alien abduction. Prey 2 is on a whole different level from not only the original title but from many other FPS games.

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Rhythmattic2553d ago

I've got to say, I'm really excited for this game... So on my Radar

wallis2553d ago

"The only 2 concepts that survived this process was the title and the idea of an alien abduction. "

This really fucks me off. They've clarified that Tommy is returning as some kind of ghost and they've basically confirmed a lot of the weapons from fear 1 will be returning. Maybe it's just because we live in an age of videgames that treat sequels like episodes in a series but just because Prey 2 isn't a carbon copy of it's original doesn't mean it's not a sequel.

Look I don't wanna point this out to anyone but we can't play as Tommy because HE FLEW INTO THE FUCKING SUN! That big ball of fire up in the sky? The thing that's basically a cosmically sized nuclear reactor that even at 92 million miles away we still need massive amounts of O-zone to stop it from turning us into toast? Yeah that thing. Tommy's body is now inside that giant ball of fire along with the rest of the God damned dyson sphere.

People bitch when colonial marines tries to suggest the LV colony survived the nuclear blast but apparently they still want Tommy and the Dyson sphere to survive being hurtled into the fucking sun? If anyone bothered playing the damn original they'd know the same setting and protagonist was impossible. We should be thanking human head for actually make a real God damned sequel instead of pumping out the same game with different guns a la Gears of War.