Get PS Move Sharpshooter with SOCOM 4 for only $45 Right Now

Incredible deal when you buy both the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter and SOCOM 4 game, you get them both for $45 FREE Shipping right now!

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paladinaz2525d ago

Awesome: Move + Camera + Sports Champions + Socom 4 + Sharpshooter are only 95 dollars.

madjedi2524d ago

Thx for the article, fyi to buyers just checked it $57 and change with free shipping, not bad deal still.

Drekken2524d ago

I tried this out - $67.00 at checkout. Fake articles suck.

jagstatboy2524d ago

I just added the 2 items to my cart, went to checkout, selected free shipping and the cart total is $57.36

Drekken2524d ago

Yeah, I did the same. Still more than the article states. No matter what its not $45.00. There is a nice $30 discount, but this article isn't 100% true.

acemonkey2524d ago

damn i bought the bundle when it was 150 and i bought the MK when it was 100 now their both cheap sad face