Sony's UK Prices Are Obscenely High

gamrFeed compares console prices in the UK and USA, and concludes that Sony is by far the worst offender as far as price disparity is concerned.

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bmw692462d ago

Interesting that it can differ so much between manufacturers - how does Sony think they can get away with it?

JokesOnYou2462d ago

Just another reason Im glad to be an American.

xabmol2462d ago

I feel you name is rather appropriate right now...

JokesOnYou2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

your comment doesnt make much sense in the context of this topic...uhh unless you like paying more for the exact same product. Fact is big budget devs and the 3 console manufacturers all know the American gaming market is the single most significant market in terms of sales=successful business. Consequently they cater to American gamers more than any, with lower prices, more services, and new products first etc= another reason Im glad I live in America, Im not rubbing it in just stating one of the small reasons of many more big reasons Im happy Im American.
Dont be so bitter, kid.

ProjectVulcan2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

This looks bad. It kinda is, but the reasons are of course, all tax- VAT (paid by for the consumer to HMRC) is included in the price whereas in America i believe that you may have to pay a local and state sales tax on top of the quoted price. Far as i was aware when travelling it is usually somewhere between 6-10pc total.

Also Sterling is weak right now against many currencies. Great if you are exporting, but terrible if you are going abroad i.e changing currency or importing, like these goods are.

Sony have previously pointed to weak currencies for the apparent disparity in the price of their goods imported into the uk and the relatively high tax rate here. Of course just prior to the recession, Sterling was incredibly strong again the dollar and euro, asian currencies etc fuelling cheap imports. Those days are long gone now.

Living in the U.k isn't exceptionally expensive compared to some countries, but compared to the United States goods can be more expensive which isn't a surprise. All anyone has to do is look at Americans moaning about rising petrol prices, when the U.k easily pays MORE than twice as much per gallon as the most expensive areas in the U.S....

heroicjanitor2462d ago

@Biggunz you're gonna need more than 3 pixels in that map :p

MadDonkey2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Sony stuff is expensive in britain but the prices are based on RRP right? Well no one pays RRP for a PS3 slim over here. The slim might be priced at 280 quid but everyone knows its dead easy to get it for 250 with a game too in some cases. First link i saw: http://www.electrocentreltd...

249 quid = 400 dollars.

With a 7pc sale tax on the american price it would be more like $375. I guess you can get stuff below sticker price too so its less, but still.

Jus sayin tho, no one pays RRP for a slim these days unless you are stupid

The Great Melon2462d ago


Why is Taiwan under the evil-doers category?

Thoreau2462d ago

i hate to agree with jokesonyou but i love being an american.... we are the best.

Denethor_II2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

You trying to start a shit storm with that comment JOY?

I'll take my NHS over being wheeled out of hospital because I can't afford the medical bills.

SilentNegotiator2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Once the morons in Washington eventually pass a VAT tax (instead of fixing spending and cutting entitlements), we'll be on our way to similar price adjustments.

And let the haters hate. Our politics might be messed up and we might have health issues, but despite the "stupid American" stereotype, we're one of the more educated countries. Compare our statistics to places that have pointless animosity towards us, like Canadians and the Brits, and you'll get to have a good laugh at these "intellectual superiors" (In before someone uses UNICEF's worthless study with one age group)

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doctorstrange2462d ago

The disparity should have been measured as a % so we can get a true scale, but yeah, this is not nice at all.

Daver2461d ago


Its not only Sony, almost everything in UK is more expensive. It has to do with the cost of life of each country.

Blacktric2461d ago

Sony Europe is one of the worst company divisions I have ever seen. It's such a damn shame that a great company like Sony has an awful divison like that. I'm still waiting for the PAL release of Uncharted 2 GOTY just like I waited more than enough for the release of God Of War Collection. Not to mention very high price tag of Vita in comparison to US.

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naznatips2462d ago

Vita is only priced the same as the 3DS in the US. Everywhere else in the world pays significantly more. Sony clearly is showing where their focus is.

evrfighter2462d ago

b-b-b-b- but the US is insignificant!!!

Balflear872462d ago

3DS = 250 $ and 250 €
PS Vita = 250 $ and 250 €


Ascalon942461d ago

I dont understand the pricing though, If I recall the Euro is worth more than the American dollar, so shouldnt it cost less Euros?

naznatips2453d ago

No, the 3DS is 230 €, and 180 £ vs the Vita which is 250 £.

Balflear872452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

IT IS NOT 230 €, 3DS official price is 250 € in spain.

Switching between pounds and euros neither tell us the real price.

You have to check €'s native price

asbuwango2461d ago

in Japan
3DS=25000 yen
Vita=24980 yen

naznatips2453d ago

No, it's 23600 yen for 3DS and 25000 yen for Vita. Where did you get this info? (check Amazon)

Sony3602461d ago

I can't believe some of you idiots are actually trying to defend it.

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jdfoster002462d ago

I know VAT and other taxes contribute to these higher prices in UK but that's too much of difference. Priceing should really be dropped in UK as US are getting a far better deal

gunnerforlife2462d ago

TAX over here for those that earn over 150 grand is like 40% or 48% :/
and for companies its just a killer, UK is the worst when it comes to VAT, thats why you got all kinds of companies leaving this country because only the very big companies like sony can take such a high VAT rate.

JokesOnYou2462d ago

You're missing the point yes the VAT is usually why all the consoles are a bit more expensive, but sony charges far more than both nintendo and microsoft for their products compared to the other two American pricing even when you consider the VAT the desparity is much higher. I've been to a few other countries but with the exchange rates being so different depending on where I went I never really paid much attention to gaming costs compared to America, although I've heard a few times on n4g, Australia gaming prices are ridiculously high.

badz1492462d ago

gaming in Australia makes you think new prices on eBay is extremely cheap!

greatjimbo782461d ago

Gunner, corporation tax is completely different to VAT or personal tax. Sony doesn't pay VAT, it pays corporation tax which currently is about 22%.
It's the merchant and us that pays VAT. The merchant has to pay VAT on the transaction, which in turn is added to the overall cost of the goods.

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Kushan2462d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that businesses don't actually pay VAT, they claim it back?

greatjimbo782461d ago

You're right. Basically, the only people that pay tax on goods are the consumers. Sony can claim back any taxes it pays when selling to the merchant(rebate through corporation tax). And the merchant passes VAT onto the consumer.

jack_burt0n2462d ago

SRP is meaningless in the UK.

Kantor2462d ago

I hold on to some hope that we can push for lower prices in the UK, but it seems very unlikely.

Jazz41082462d ago

And people say ms is greedy

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