7.5 Hours of Bleach: Soul Ignition Gameplay

Saiyan Island has released seven and a half hours of footage from the game before it's release date.

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tayz2438d ago

daaaaamn. how did they get the game so early?

gamerfan4eva2438d ago

they probably live in Japan. I wish I lived there cause times like these I hate my own country!

rabidpancakeburglar2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

More importantly, who the hell releases 7 and a half hours of gameplay.

And when did flying become the norm in Bleach, I noticed that everyone was when fighting Aizen, what's the point in hitsugaya if everyone can.

tayz2437d ago


naruto2222438d ago

I wet my pants. This is an extremely HQ video too!

Kon2438d ago

I rather play the game by myself.

Warprincess1162438d ago

So does this have online mutiplayer because if it don't. Im not buying it.

tayz2437d ago

no online or multiplayer :\

aycarumba2437d ago

y do they not include those things? will it only take 7.5 hours to win?

Michael-Jackson2437d ago

game looks shit even with online but I'm still getting it because I'm a fan. If you base your purchases on online multi-player go buy COD MW7.

radphil2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Guys don't give these types of submissions anymore hits.

They just took this video from a caster named Ecokichi on

I was there when it was being played. All they did was linked to the archived video. I swear the submissions on this site baffle me as to how they can take info from others to use "as their own".

aycarumba2437d ago

i read this site too but it says in the first sentence the video is not theres

radphil2437d ago

I know that, but you're better off actually going TO than just going through a reference, which links to another reference.

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