Tera: The New King of MMO Gaming?

For years now developers have been trying to recreate the success that MMO's such as WOW, Eve Online, and others fortunate enough have been able to generate. Some coming close to garnering attention, and play from gamer's. Yet, none has had the sounding cry of something special like Tera Online. This MMO could be the crowning achievement that Korean game development has put forth in the world of online RPG gaming. Is Tera Online the new king of MMO gaming?

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zeal0us2433d ago

It got to beat all the small time p2p MMORPGs then make its way to WOW(final stage/boss) in order to be King of MMO.

Keith Olbermann2433d ago

LOL. Here we go. I think I heard this one before.

LocO_o2433d ago

Why isnt this tagged as 360 as well? Last I heard from watching E3 this game is suppose to come to the 360 too.

Spinal2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

How can you call a game that has had a failed launch an drop in subs in south korea the king of mmos? Loool gtfo. Ill wait for swtor an guild wars 2.

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