UPDATE: (Ships with First Strike)--Black Ops DLC-bundled Edition Listed on GameStop

"An update on lists what exactly will be in the Limited Edition of Black Ops set to release next week."

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Hockeydud192344d ago

Lame. Why would anyone pay 60.00 for the game and the first map pack? Comon atleast put the old zombie maps in there.

Organization XII2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

at least include all the three map packs. And bundle WoW(World at War) with the game. Then one will see if it deserves freaking 60 dollars!

TheFact0032344d ago

maybe if it was sony making the game but its you know who

Yi-Long2344d ago

.... another FAIL by Activision!

... and just yesterday they claimed they wanted to get rid of their bad image(!)

DLC-scamming your customers isn't going to make you populair, Bobby.

ginsunuva2344d ago

Only 1st map pack? 13 year olds will still rebuy it.

PS360PCROCKS2344d ago

So they sold the game for $60 for 8 months. Than they released $15 map packs that easily could have been in the game. Now they are adding "value" to an almost year old game for selling it for $60 for maps that probably should have been included in the first place. Lol.

Activision NEVER lowers the price of games. MW1 is still $30!

Motorola2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

NO. they decreased MW1's price. ITS $29.99!!! /s

sackb0y2344d ago

lol limited edition.... so 10 million copies? just get it from hastings for twenty bucks and dlc for 15.