Monster Hunter 3 listed for the PS VITA

A list that was leaked from an online retailer website revealed Monster Hunter 3 for the PS VITA coming November 4?

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StbI9902581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Dude, don´t joke on me like that...NIGGA PLIS, if true, more graphics than the Wii version? (lol) chance 3DS

chadwarden2581d ago

Dude right? I totally agree withcha! Monster hunter on the vita is going to be tight bra.

EYEamNUMBER12581d ago

why are some of guys acting surprised? that is the surprising thing here

MHP3 was revealed to be on the NGP on the first day the thing was shown

are some of you guys just getting out of caves or something?

badz1492581d ago

I think you're getting it wrong there. MHP3 is for the PSP and is already out. the recent showing was for the remastered HD version for the PS3. and look carefully at the title, it says "MH3" not "MHP3". there was no announcement for any MH game for the Vita yet but if this is true...just imagine how it will single handedly help the Vita destroy the 3DS in Japan for a month or 2!

Lord_Sloth2581d ago

lol You called him an elastic undergarment.

ThanatosDMC2581d ago

Awesome news to all PS Vita early adopters. I'm buying two so having one of my favorite co-op series games will get the Vita a guaranteed 300+ hrs.

chadwarden2581d ago


I wasn't surprised by the MH news. I don't think you saw the word play I did to go along with Stbl990's comment lol

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Blacktric2581d ago

"A list that was leaked from an online retailer website revealed Monster Hunter 3 for the PS VITA coming November 4?"

LEAKED? ShopTo listed the games. There's no leak. Oh the 12 year olds...

firelogic2581d ago

It may not be a launch title but it's definitely coming to the Vita. MH is Capcom's bread and butter in Japan.

Rainstorm812581d ago

If this is true, then the PSV will be a guaranteed hit in Japan

badz1492581d ago

we might as well say that MH is the bread and butter for the PSP itself too! the 1st time the PSP smashing the DS in sales in Japan was when the Monster Hunter Portable 2nd was released!

Shok2581d ago

Why not just make a MH game for Vita that's built for the ground-up? Seems a bit lazy.

Rainstorm812581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Havent you learned by now?

With new tech you port as many games as you can until the games in development are ready..... this happens nearly every gen.... especially the disc based generations and portables

kesvalk2581d ago

i thought that MHp3 was already confirmed on PSvita...

Burning_Finger2581d ago

Kanya West: I'm sorry Nintedo, but Sony has the best line up of all time..

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