El Shaddai – Everything You Need To Know

Joel Taveras writes, "Before E3 this year, I had the privilege (yes I said the privilege) of getting some hands-on private time with UTV Iginition’s El Shaddai. After my play session I ran back and predicted to everyone on staff that this title would be among their picks for Best of Show at this year’s E3. And that’s exactly what went down after a few of them had some time to check out the title for themselves. We caught up once again with Shane Bettenhausen, who jumped on camera this time around to fill you all in on everything you need to know about El Shaddai. Make sure to check out this interview, you’ll probably be running to pre-order right after and luckily you won’t have to wait too long to play it either."

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Chadness2582d ago

Everything I need to know is that it doesn't look or sound anything like any other games out there, those "cookie cutter" titles. Which, of course, is why it will likely be awesome.

thevokillist2582d ago

This game looks badass! Enough said.

b_one2581d ago

Good game, demo is great