Maybe 3D Isn’t Essential for the 3DS After All, Nintendo Hint

Kotaku: Nintendo has never required users of the Nintendo 3DS to play their games with the system's glasses-free 3D visuals activated. But 3D has been the machine's selling point, one baked into the machine's name.

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Venox20082498d ago

they've always talked that 3D is an optional thing for 3DS..

DA_SHREDDER2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

It really isn't. I bought the 3DS thinking it was gonna a huge leap from the DS, but it isn't. I regret buying it now, it was $300+ dollars with a game(Nintendogs, for my kid of course) plus the extra cost for the warranty. Don't get me wrong, I would feel like I would be missing out on all the new mario games, but so far I haven't seen any other game justifying my purchase. I was also expecting a totally revamped online, but Nintendon't get it. That's why I'm really concerned about the WiiU.

I strongly suggest to those who haven't bought a 3DS to try it at your local gamestop before you purchase it. But im telling you right now the online is complete crap. And if it wasn't for the 3year warranty I would have sold it a long time ago. Nintendo really got me too because the online wasn't up when I first purchased it, and I could have just sent it back, but I figured Nintendo was on the verge of something great for the online. I mean cmon, it did 3D without glasses, and the NGP wasn't even doing that. I expected something spectacular! But nope, there's zero games at launch, and the online aspect is not even the fraction of what the psn or xbox live is. Its a total mess. If your an online gamer, this is not the machine for you.

BTW, They are selling regular gameboy games that. They aren't even gameboy color,im talking first generation gameboy games. I'm so displeased with my purchase it has totally changed the way I ever look at a new gaming platform again. I'm ashamed of myself for falling for this system. And you guys owe it to yourselves to make sure you don't make the same mistake I did.

joffa812497d ago

@ da_shredder
I totally disagree with everything you say. I was really sceptical about the 3ds sosmuch so that
I read all the stories about people being being effected with headaches and that the 3d was more trouble than it's worth so stayed away from the 3ds.
On Saturday I went shopping and my local supermarket had a 3ds kiosk and from playing on pilot wings on the demo machine at the kiosk I was hooked. The whole 3rd is a total revolution to anything out there on the Market and the vita will not challange it as they are aiming at seperTe markets.
The 3d effect is awesome (I got pilot wings, street fighter and ridge racer) and although has a small viewing angle it seems the natural progression of how handhelds should got and be played. The 3d is not a gimmick like I first thought it actually add a new dimension to the
Games making them more immersive and I'm surprised how natural the move to 3d feels.

Forget th moans and groans if you are a gamer (casual or hardcore) the 3rd needs to be experienced before been written off as q gimmick and once you try it be warned you may well be hooked.