PlayStation Vita's Rear Touch Pad: Putting It To Great Use (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Among PlayStation Vita's long list of features, the rear touch pad is by far the strangest. This interesting piece of plastic, located opposite the five-inch screen, is similar in size and quite sensitive, allowing users to interact with supported games by placing their fingers directly behind the system.

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MasterCornholio2407d ago

Seems a bit gimmicky to me. But at least it has a great control scheme that will allow me to play core games on the handheld.

miyamoto2407d ago

Its been a subject of great argument whether the PlayStation brand was innovative or a mere adaptive copy cat of Nintendo or Sega.

Let me tell you being both innovative or a mere adaptive copy cat is true and not a bad thing.

First of all let me remind you gamers that the very nature of the PlayStation brand in its very inception & to its core design is " a Nintendo& Sony product" leaning more on the Super Famicom side of things. The PlayStation is simply born that way.

The Super Famicom CD/Play Station Prototype Evolution.

1) The Nintendo Play Station.

2) The Nintendo Play Station.

3) Some influence from Sony's partnership with Sega- the Sega CD controller.


For many years of learning I prefer to call the PlayStation as "Innovative/Adaptive.&quo t;

multi media console/CD player,
the PlayStation Memory Card btw was genius,
L2 & R2
Dual Analog Sticks
PSP Analog slider
LAN console network
Parallel Port for Gameshark

SNES-ish controller designs
Gray console color

The Rear Touch Pad shows PlayStation brand has indeed taken wings of its own. This will change how games will be played in the future. Its another first from Sony. It can own it as no other console (or device I have known) has ever used this design to control games.

"The touch pad would also come in handy for throwing grenades."
"Then we have turn-based video games, where the touch pad would prove useful in painting multiple targets at once before launching a special attack."

Rear Touch Pad replacing the L2 & R2 controls with 8(eight possible finger control options is really a stroke of genius.

Sony has finally grown its own wings.