Black Mask confirmed in Batman: Arkham City

While posting answers to the “Robin DLC” on the Arkham City page, they also confirmed the Black Mask. They also confirmed that the Tim Drake Robin is the character you can get from a pre-order at Best Buy and he playable in ALL challenge maps.

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Sev2435d ago

So many villains, so little time.

NukaCola2435d ago

I don't know how this game isn't M Rated with these evil villains

Quagmire2435d ago

Mm, I wish they would save a few of these for the next game, I mean, we still dont know if Scarecrow, Killer Croc or Bane will return

SarahFox2435d ago

i know right?! Game of the year contender again for sure, be awesome if it got it

maniacmayhem2435d ago

cant wait for this game to come out.

Gawd i wish they would do Superman. That guy needs a good video game.

Dart892435d ago

Hell i wish these guys would do all superhero games especially an x-men one.

NukaCola2435d ago

I want the see Spiderman Noir get a game

acemonkey2435d ago

OCT hurry up please get here faster so i can be broke to many games coming out in oct and nov this Xmas im goin to be so broke