Kinect NuAds Are Very Real - Microsoft Wants You To Yell At Your TV

Do you love in game advertising? Perhaps you dream of the day when you'll switch on your Xbox and be greeted with a friendly looking lawyerish type in a suit asking if you've just been injured at work and want to claim compensation? No? Thought not. Well if you don't want to experience adverts on your console prepare to be routinely disappointed as Microsoft has just confirmed that it will indeed be utilizing Kinect as a way of including console advertising where you actually get to shout at adverts (which is, coincidentally a thing I do already, but usually in frustrated annoyance).

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Cwalk8162497d ago

Xbros have something else to look forward to now, LOL.

Agent-862497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Glad I'm a PC gamer. Don't have to deal with MS and their pay to play scheme (plus having to deal with ads?) or Sony and them having PSN going down for a month (plus still no cross-game chat, five years later?).

@DarkTower805, I do have a PS3 as a "sidekick" to my PC gaming so I don't miss out on console exclusives. I just don't do much online gaming with it since I prefer my PC for that. If I was a PS3 only gamer, I would have been quite pissed with PSN going down for so long. Since I don't rely on it, I didn't have to deal with it. Same with 360 ads and paying to play. Don't have to deal with it.

DarkTower8052497d ago

Kinda sad, you missed out on alot of great console only games then.

GodHandDee2497d ago

Agent, I'm afraid you have been briefed incorrectly. Sony didn't have a choice in taking psn offline, not the same situation as this. Not even comparable.

I_find_it_funny2497d ago

Lol, paying for Live and getting ads

GregoryAllen2497d ago

Well this is f-ing ridiculous.

Warprincess1162497d ago

Im glad i don't have to worry about Sony doing this.

GetoverHere1222497d ago

Don't think Sony is a stranger to advertising, you can't escape...ever.

shinrock2497d ago

i don't see the big deal.

Jezuz2497d ago

Google does it and I don't see anyone complaining....except on youtube.

Eades2497d ago


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