Top 5 Reasons Why The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Should Be An Instant Pre Order

HD Collections are currently being released left and right by publishers. Some say that it’s not worth the money, it’s the same games but with prettier visuals. Others can’t wait to get their hands on the collections of their favorite series. Today, we will see why the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is worth your money.

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TXIDarkAvenger2402d ago

1. Its Metal Gear Solid
2. Did u read #1?

This collection is full of epicness.

Dart892402d ago

Cuz i'm a big fan of MGS.

FlashXIII2402d ago

The only reason you need to pre-order: It has "metal gear solid" in it's name.

EazyC2402d ago

I think Rising will be the first time that rule wont apply.

FlashXIII2402d ago

I agree but that's just metal gear rising isn't it?

EazyC2402d ago

Ha, You're right!
Fair do's. =)

Jack-Dangerously2402d ago

1. Because I haven't played 2,3,& Peacewalker in over 6 months(longest I've gone without playing them).

2. Like an idiot I sold my Peacewalker to fuel my vice that isn't gaming.

3. My ps2 controller finally broke a few months ago while playing Final Fantasy 10 so I can't even play my original copies.

4. Mgs3(my first mg game) with trophies.

5. Getting to play Peacewalker again.

*whispers* SNAKE EATERRRR.

VampiricDragon2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Edit: At below, that I didnt know in that case Thats fine. Still it wouldnt be one of my top features since the whole point is to play it on the tv.

pneboy2402d ago

the ps3 version comes with codes for peace walker psp version, mg1&2 and mgs1 (this was posted around the time it was announced)

DaTruth2402d ago

Did you say Metal Gear 1 & 2? I mean, I can see that that's what you said, but it could be a typo!

For clarity, these are the original NES Metal Gear games?

Damn... gonna have to purchase a bunch of stuff I already own to get some stuff I have no chance of owning any other way! Wish I didn't purchase Peace Walker and MGS1 off of the PSN now!

DigitalRaptor2402d ago

The PS3 version of the collection comes with a code to download Peace Walker for PSP.

"METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER for the PSP can now be enjoyed on the big screen now that it has upscaled its resolution to 1080p. The PlayStation®3 version in TRANSFARRING enabled and comes with a PSP® digital download code for METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER, meaning you are able to play the PS3® version on the big screen at home and continue on-the-go by playing the same save file on your PSP®!"


jack_burt0n2402d ago

wow that is huge news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.