Gears Designer 'Itching' to Create New IP

Gears of War 3 ships this September and will no doubt be one of the hot sellers of the fall/holiday period. As any developer would tell you, however, working on the same property for years can be tiring. It's one of the primary reasons Bungie sought out its independence from Microsoft - to escape from Halo. Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski would very much like to create a new type of game too, if he can get the chance.

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TXIDarkAvenger2436d ago

Hope its good. BulletStorm was pretty fun at first but it just got boring after a while.

TheLastGuardian20102436d ago

That was made by a polish studio "People Can Fly". It was only published by Epic.

Here's hoping that Cliff will work on that Survival Horror project he always wanted to do.

TXIDarkAvenger2436d ago

Oh my bad.

Survival Horror? Hmm...sounds awesome. We need more games in the survival horror genre. Heck we need RE back.

omi25p2436d ago

cliff said they wouldnt work on a horror game, because the horror genre isnt selling well at the moment.

TXIDarkAvenger2435d ago

Well, horror genre may not be selling well because there's honestly not a lot of good survival horror games. That's y we need more! and good ones at that.

Mystogan2436d ago

Xbox Exclusive Again! They love Working with MS so why not do it all over again with a new IP

BlackKnight2436d ago

I sure as hell hope its based on the universe the Samritan Demo was.

That looked bad ass, and not just cause it was their DX11 tech. It was bladerunner 2011. Looked fucking sweet.

Agent_S2436d ago

Of course he does, he's a passionate developer. I think all dev's crave creation. I wonder when we will get to hear of a new game from Epic? Post Gears 3 I guess, man I can't wait for Gears.

TheLastGuardian20102436d ago

In Feburary a few weeks before GDC, Cliff said that they were planning to announce there new ip during the GDC conference...well that never happened.

I'm guessing they just delayed the announcement and will talk about it after Gears 3.

There's probably still enough time to release a game or 2 before this gen is over (for Cliff) anyways.

Organization XII2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

true, that was way back in December!

Agent_S2436d ago

Thanks man, I was not aware of that delayed announcement. Do you think TGS makes sense, I mean as a place to make the announcement? ODST was announced there and got plenty of media coverage and gamer awareness.

GodHandDee2436d ago

wonder if he will go kinect since he seems to be soooo fond of it over other motion control systems :) less talking more showing cliffy

Agent_S2436d ago

Im not trying to be a hater but that would be immensely dissapointing.

showtimefolks2436d ago

which will be over in september no one is stopping epic from signing another exclusive deal but by the time next epic game comes out made by these gears studio both ps3 and xbox360 will have a install base of over 70 million

so to do a exclusive and let go of such a big install base just won't make business sense.

so here is hoping its something fresh and on all the consoles including wii-u the more people who get to play it the better it is for the devs and that means their future projects will have bigger budgets to do even more awesome games

I am not sure what they should work on next whatever it is i am interested

Active Reload2436d ago

That's why they have Bulletstorm and whatever else they're working on that's new. I don't see future Gears going multiplat.

showtimefolks2436d ago

or any other gears game it will be on pc,xbox360,ps3 and most likely wii-u. They will do some kind of comic thing for people to understand the story.

look at it with their eyes epic games can make next gears sell double if not triple the xbox360 numbers why wouldn't they want that?

i don't mind since i have both ps3 and xbox360 i am just looking at it logically and money wise

gypsygib2435d ago

I hope it's nothing like Bulletstorm, that was the worst game I've played in 2011 so far and I've played and passed a quite a few games this year....although, I've mostly played great games this year. In fact, every game was at least 8.5/10 except for Bulletstorm which was kinda crap.

I played and passed:

Dead Space 2
Killzone 3
Crysis 2 (360)
L.A. Noire
Infamous 2
Portal 2
Assassins Creed Brotherhood
MK (haven't passed)

Bulletstorm (crap)

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