Peter Molyneux Interview (Cont'd) []

Continuing our chat with the iconic game designer...

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EVILDEAD3602526d ago

Game looks way better then E3 led people to believe. Hope Lionhead sets the standard for what Kinect can do with RPG elements.


No_Pantaloons2526d ago

Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and the first Fable are the only good things this guy has done in his lifetime. We're so far past those now that he needs to either come out with something truly spectacular or just keep his mouth shut.

He talks on and on, yet never delivers. After playing fable 3, I think he needs to retire, that was abysmal.

EVILDEAD3602526d ago

Maybe for you..Fable 2 is on of my fave games this gen..even G4TV gave it game of the year at the time. I have NEVER played an RPG that sucked me in to play it 3 times in a row..and enjoyed every minute.