Wii U: Won’t “Necessarily Dramatically” Outperform Current Consoles

GOS: "Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo had a talk with Gamespot at E3 2011 about topics like the 3DS, the new Pikmin, and The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary.

The interview also detailed a delicate balance the company is going for with the Wii U, and Nintendo’s next gen console will not necessarily outperform the current consoles on the market to bring about this balance either.

I was under the impression that the Wii U was suppose to be more powerful than the PS3 and the Xbox 360. That is what the hype was saying at least."

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SugarSoSweet2406d ago

Ridiculous it'll be 6 years newer then the current consoles when it releases it should be more powerful

CrazyForGames2406d ago

it doesn't say it wont be more powerful
if your expecting a ps2 > ps3 jump in power then you deserve to be let down

but it will be more powerful that is a given at this point

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