Jak and Daxter Ever Returning To The Mainstream?

Jak and Daxter once considered a staple game on the PS2 has since fallen out of the limelight and has yet to be seen on current generation consoles. The game`s primary developer the famous Naughty Dog has metamorphosed into a hardly recognizable company creating triple A titles such as Uncharted that arguably are for a more mature audience. In 2003, Didier Malenfant, a major developer from Naughty Dog left to form Ready at Dawn developers who have since taken the Jak and Daxter to the portable consoles and subsequently taken it from mainstream gaming.

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lazertroy2404d ago

Just don't come back looking like the new Dante.

Xof2404d ago

Jak's already been through an emo phase.

velocitygamer2404d ago

Yes, he has. But he looks gooooood in the emo phase.

firefoxprime2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

First PS2 titles:
Madden 2005
Jak 3
Grand Turismo

From CrashBandicoot(platforming) >>> Jak(platform/3rdPS >>> Uncharted(TPS/Cinematic Adventure)

Nice growth. Hopefully more like Jak 3. That'd be awesome.

thugbob2404d ago

Gosh I love Jak & Dax 3 sooooooo much. I really want to see a Jak & Dax 4 this gen.

SilentNegotiator2404d ago

Sony needs to stop letting the Playstation greats die. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.....guess who owns both of these once amazing characters? Activision! Jak and Daxter are now a second rate PSP/PS2-port gang.

Sony should have bought those IPs long ago.

If an Italian plumber can be one of the most popular game characters for decades.....

iamtehpwn2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I think it's possible after Uncharted 3. Considering Naughty Dog usually makes a triology that spands the entire life span of a console. However, PS3 is going to be last longer, so Perhaps instead of Uncharted 4, they'll make this.

BrianC62342404d ago

This is dumb. Naughty Dog doesn't have to stick with one franchise forever. They like to change with each generation. It would get boring if they only made Jak and Daxter games. Uncharted is a great franchise.

Cajun Chicken2404d ago

I have a feeling that Jak'll be back, old or new. Besides, people really condemned the last PSP game, it was actually pretty good.

Pintheshadows2404d ago

I think we will see Ready at Dawn make a game for the PSV. I hope so anyway. I also believe that ND will not give up on Jak and Daxter as they do tend to listen to fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.